My name is Abhishek and I have a creepy story to share with you so lets get right into it, So me and my parents went to my grandparent’s house in summer vacation, I was in the 7th grade that time. I was taking a walk around the city for like 20 minutes and then, As it was 9:36, I started walking home, There was not even a single person to be seen on the road as it was a village and what made the scene more creepy was that the street light emitted very weak light that someone will hardly be able to see so I used my mobile’s flashlight to illuminate the way and saw that it only had 17% battery left and my phone's battery needed an urgent replacement as it was really old, I cursed myself but it was too late as the service centers were closed, As I was thinking all this I was distracted by voices of footsteps, at first I was relieved that I was not alone but when I was about to reach home, I heard a person screaming for me to Stop, I felt like my heart stopped for a second as this was an unfamiliar voice, Now, In this rural areas there is rumor going around that a man has been seen lurking around the market, Especially at night, People say that this guy kidnaps people and then they are never found again, The thought of this triggered a fight or flight response and I started running without thinking anything, not only was I scared but I also wanted to turn around to look if the guy was gaining on me, I finally turned, And to my horror, I saw a tall bald guy wearing torn clothes, His eyes were not natural, His eyes were either rolled up or he had some kind of eye problem, either way he still was able to dodge the obstacles in his way, And just like a cliche slasher I suddenly tripped. He started laughing as my body turned cold in fear, he grabbed my leg and started pulling me. I screamed but nothing came out of fear, I tried punching him but he had no reaction, Finally I screamed at the top of my lungs that’s when my dad came out of the house and saw me getting pulled by the stranger, my dad was at least 2 inch taller than the freak so I was finally relieved, my dad stated hitting him hard in his face and stomach as he tried to punch back he loosened his grip on my leg I quickly went to my home to call everyone out after i came back i saw that my dad already had him in a headlock, we called the police and they arrived 2 minutes later. The police said that he was a registered child molester and had committed 3 murders, I was just thanking god that i was safe and that dad saved me from ending up like the other unlucky kids.

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