I never thourght I would be in a situation like this but one day at my school I went upstairs to check something in my classroom nobody was there with me I went to get my snack out my drawer when suddenly chairs started falling by themselves but what frightened me even more was when people started talking about the school ghost then 1 year later I was in a classroom with some other students and there was this doll we called it chuckee we shut it in a cubard facing face to face with us after that no one touched the cubard then not long after I when to check on the doll to find it facing in the other direction later on the following night (I have a glass door) no one was outside my door and it started opening by itself I tried do shut it but I couldn't the next day at school I was the only person up there I was looking out the window I was there for around 2 minuites when there was loud banging on the window behind me I believe there to be a ghost
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