This event i will be telling you. Is by another truck driver. He is ashamed,/or embarrassed. "Understand that we see alot, mostly common is death." Mostly by motorists. So drivers will open up too other truck drivers. But with any story you here your cautious about the truth. Im sure this one due too look in his. Pure fear and tear, while telling it.

This i met him in the great cheese state. Of Wisconsin. Far north of the DELLS, obviously at pick up. Point we both new we're going to be their for a while. And was talking shop. I was going further north and told him,  just gonna run up and stop anywhere near, conor Wi. When i said that! 

He yelled !!!!! No...... im like WTF why not driver? He lit. Another cigg. Looked down at his hand. Then mumbled please dont do that.


Why? Why? Im replying harshly!!! Then he started too explain. Well because, 5 years ago i was delivering too the rangers station around those neck of the woods. I made it their. But the range explained we cant unload me till the morning! I replied thats fine! 

I've got enough drinks, smokes. Too hold up a night in these woods. The evening came and i was alright. I feel asleep. I woke hours later with my door trying tobe opened. Ive locked just like every other night. 

But. When my driver side would open. Split second later, the passenger side would try tobe opened. I"m not much of a fighter the driver said". And im the only one here. I was scared. Could ben a bear. But i thought they would just break the window..

Seconds later it stops. So i peaked out my sleeper curtains. And only light i can outside of the is a far way light on a electric pole. But i kept seeing a figure. Walking around the front of my truck.

He was tall! And BIG! He"s saying. Seconds felt like hours. Before, BOOM BOOM,. The driver side is being hit form the outside. Its hitting my truck so hard that, the stuff in my cabinets, in the truck are falling out. And i can hear this thing hawling, and grawling. With frustration. While hitting my truck so hard. Some how the marker lights, and head lights, Came on.

It started throwing, rocks and limbs from trees. I can hear this thing. Getting madder and madder! He said. I said what was it?! He said. I only say it for a second. When accidentally stepped partially in the head lights,

This thang was. Like unreal, massively tall. Head partially looked like a ram or goat. Chest was very broad. Shaggy fur. Dark!! Dark black color. Even its legs backwards! And i remembered hearing hooves.

At this point. I grabbed my family's photo. We took the previous summer. And started too pray. At first quietly. And the loud and in tears. This is what messed me up. The most.

He then said. While he was praying out loud! The creature stopped. And then he hear outside the door. A dark deep deep. Laughter. An uncontrollable laughter. 

He then goes too say moments later it all stops,  hours went by and couldn't sleep . Nor did i want too. Sun rise came, and with that so did the ranger. And when the knocked. I yelled and screamed. They transported me too the nearest hospital. I beared no injuries. 

Weeks later my company said. They state rangers, and  officials determined it was a bear trying too get food . But this drive swears. Up and down differently. I asked him how do you run. Now. He replied. " i sleep durning the day and run thru the night" never will i be out sleeping in a truck on the road.
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