Me and my friends were out camping I was around sixteen and we had borworred my parents rv and we were headed to a big river in Transylvania it may seem ironic but it is very true we were camped out two of my friends were guys and three were girls I was one of the girls and believe my the guys were not trying anything knowing that my dad was a lawyer we were all around the fire and we all decided to go to bed around 11:30 at around 1:00 I woke up to a gugling sound so me and my friend  went to check it out. It was coming from the river I saw hair on the very top of the water as I walked closer my friend which I will call rennee said "lets go" and as I got closer I slipped into the water and as I opend my eyes I saw a mans face that was so pale I thought he was dead all I know is that those orange eyes almost made me pass out I am still contacting the figure but if you know if you know you will see to it that you never ever camp by the logan river
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