These events occurred from the summer of 2015 to the summer of 2017. I'm from Southern Ontario, Canada. I am a very devout Christian, and I firmly believe in the existence of what the Bible calls unclean spirits or familiar spirits (commonly called "demons" today).

Before I became very devout, me, my brother (I will call him Joshie for security reasons), and a family friend (I will call him Brian for security reasons) decided to mess around with the Charlie Charlie challenge. For those who don't know, the charlie charlie challenge is a game where you place a pencil on a piece of paper with "yes" and "no" written on either side of the paper, charlie is said to be a ghost, you ask questions and if Charlie hears you, the pencil will either move until the lead points at "yes" or "no."

Joshie, Brian, and I were the beach (Sauble Beach), this was during Summer of 2015, and we were doing the charlie charlie challenge and a few seconds after we asked the first question, we heard what sounded like a small stone falling on some metal, we thought it might have been a seagull dropping something, but that was soon thrown out the window when we noticed that the there were no seagulls to be seen anywhere, and to add to it, there was nothing metal nearby, even though the sound sounded like it was only a couple of feet away from us.

The next day, Joshie & I went to Brian's house (His house was walking distance from our cottage and the beach was right across the street), Brian told us that he heard strange sounds coming from the kitchen the night after we did the challenge, he also showed up what looked like red marks on his torso, this got us freaked out, but after a few days we brushed it off.

Summer of 2015 went by and I started Grade 8 in the Autumn of 2015. Nothing eventful happened from Autumn of 2015 to April 2016.

My family moved to a new house in May of 2016, I was finishing up Grade 8 and preparing for my first year of high school the next year, when I moved to the new house, I felt an uneasy almost demonic feeling when I went into the basement, It felt like I wasn't alone. One day, I was alone in the house, and I heard my name called from the kitchen, but when I went into the kitchen nothing was there, I thought I was just hearing things and went back to doing what I was doing. I finished Grade 8, summer of 2016 was largely uneventful in regards to strange or spiritual activity.

I started Grade 9 in September of 2016, and strange occurrences became common around the house, it got to the point where I rebuked the spirits in the name of Jesus Christ, after that, nothing else happened in that house.

The next occurrence happened back at Sauble Beach in Summer of 2017, Joshie, and I were at Brian's house experimenting with ghost apps on the google play store, when all of a sudden, Brian began sweating like crazy, I found this odd because the air conditioner was on and at full blast, I freaked out and began to record a video of what was happening with Brian, a few seconds later, Brian said he felt a burning sensation on his torso, and out of nowhere, his guitar fell off it's holding place on the wall (keep in mind all of this was caught on video), Brian's skin on his torso turned red, this happened for around 2 min when all of a sudden it stopped.

I started reading the Bible's many condemnations of conjuring up spirits, and then I began to wonder if Brian, Joshie, and I had conjured up an unclean spirit when we did the charlie charlie challenge back in Summer of 2015, and the unclean spirit was tormenting us.
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