happened back in 2010 out of h.s. I had my own apt. One weekend I invited my sister over and she brought over her bf. we were all in my room it was me my gf, sister and her bf we were watching a movie. Deeper in the movie we were all shook to find out my sisters bf fell asleep and started speaking tongues he was grabbing his cross necklace I tried waking him up we all got scared as he woke the last word he said we all heard was devil. I am very spiritual as I am Christian and we were telling him what had happened  he had no recollection of what was going on we were all spooked as he fell back asleep like nothing happened. Later that next week  I live alone btw so I was gaming my Xbox then all of a sudden my controller wasn’t working I was playing halo story mode and my character all of a sudden stopped moving I got bombarded by the aliens and they were saying evil things like kill the beast, burn the demon and my character was dancing and jumping on fire. I know my batteries in my controller were charged freaked out I turned the Xbox off I was laying in my bed thinking of what just happened turned my light off and tried to go to bed. Then out of no where I was woken but couldn’t move I felt a presence sitting on my chest and an overwhelming sense of fear I couldn’t move nor talk. Never felt anything like this before I started feeling tears fall from my eyes tried to do everything in my power to move and turn the light on and suddenly my arm felt like I got grabbed and were dragging me off the bed. Something had a hold of me and was dragging me to hell so I stopped took a deep breath and looked at the situation. I was always told if I were ever in a tight spot or scared, if I ever felt evil all I have to say is - IN JESUS NAME I REBUKE YOU. And I just kept repeating that until it stopped and I was able to move. Once able to move I ran and turned the light on still scared shitless I prayed. I looked around and nothing was around. As I laidin my bed gathering everything that just happened from my Xbox to my night terror I looked at my game system and the shadow of a demon was on my wall with his hand into the Xbox as if it were the reason why my character stopped moving and it was saying evil things...  I wasn’t able to sleep for the rest of the night I moved my bed around unplugged the Xbox put it in the living room and just put a movie on till sun came around. The next night I prayed as I got in bed I was so tired I fell asleep with a hoodie on over my head window was closed and all of a sudden I was watching myself sleep then I heard sounds of wings flapping and the coolest breeze and I was smiling mind you I had a hoodie on and the hoodie was over my head but still felt a breeze with my window closed it felt as the happiest moment in my life I was getting lifted up off my bed I was just all smiles I’m telling you it was the best the most awesome experience I’ve ever had as if it were my guardian angel lifting me showing me it’s there my smile was from ear to ear I’m smiling now just typing this and then it let me down slowly I woke up still smiling I looked at my window and it was closed so I don’t know where I felt that breeze or how I heard wings but I know it was an angel I know what happen those two night believe me or not but there is a big spiritual war going on around me and I know my guardian angel is next to me. Thank you for taking the time and reading this darkness love your podcast keep up the great work
god bless you!
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