So, before I start I want to say that this is a story from two perspectives composed of me and my friend who's like my brother, but lets catch up first. I wasn't born in mexico but me, my mom and my friend Kale went to Mexico when I was around 3. so lets start.

I'm not sure how I remember this but I do. So me, my mom and my friend Kale who was 10 at the time went to mexico. Kale was very close to my family and when my mom needed to go down there she offered to take Kale seeing that me and him were like siblings. When we got there we checked into a hotel. Kale told me it was a very pretty house, It was like a Hawaii house but in mexico, right next to the beach he told me.

Now heres where Kale will provide a bit of information.

Monni was a very curious child, When her mother was busy I would take her down to the beach and show her the shoreline, sometimes we even went for a swim. I was 10 at the time so I was ok to look after her, now 24 she's still like my sister. Anyway, even though its a pretty place there will always be people that would want to hurt such a innocent girl like she is. I caught her several times talking with older men... men trying to hurt her, She was only 3 so I couldn't blame her but I would always rush in to save her. Besides that I would constantly find Monni running to the ocean anytime she could as we left the door open so it wouldn't get so musty in the house.

When I asked her why all she said was.

"Because Tolly is doing it too! She's calling me to join her." She would giggle and smile.

"Who's Tolly?" I would ask and every time she said.

"Tolly is my friend!" She would throw her hands up and hug me. "She's waiting in the water!" She would point, but there'd be no one there. I would always look around for any small child but..nothing.

As our week came to an end and it was a day or two before we were to back he told me that he couldn't find me in the house and rushed outside fearing I was drowning somewhere.
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