Sean david
Perhaps it has happened to  you, but you didn't  think twice about it. 
Or maybe  you were  so busy you didn't  notice  them.
You really should  pay more attention. Who knows what it means, but I've  encountered two unusual  types of people  in my life;
Time keepers, and people I  call namers.
A time keeper is a stranger who tells you the time without being asked, they are always 100% accurate, despite not wearing any watch or visibly carrying any timekeeping  device.
Theses individuals always smile politely when telling you  the time and are unusually attractive.
The namers are a lot spookier, as I have yet get a good  look at them.
You will notice them very easily.  
Have you been in a very crowded area and have a complete stranger say hello to you and call you by your full name?
Congrats, you've  probably  just met a namer.
Now for the 2000 dollar question; what  did they look like? 
Ah, you see? Tricky isn't it?  There is always something  in the way obscuring  their  face in some way.
Maybe a sign, or a hat , or some ballons. It never fails.
And as quick as they say hello, they disappear  into the jostling  crowd.
Maybe you'll  meet them again  one day.
Whether  or not that would be good  you'll  have to  find out the hard way.
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