So, this is the first time I tell this story in a manner like this. Sorry if I have some misspellings, I'm not a native english speaker and writer.  I live in Brazil and my family do not have nothin extraordinary about them, my dad is and engineer and my mother is a psychologist. I'm 30 now and this story ocurred when I was...maybe 10 or 11, something in this gap.

It was the period of school break, here it ocuurs in the mid of the year, so me and my cousin, she was a little older, maybe 13, an her brother, he was the same age, we went to our grandparents house, it's on the country side, in a state called 'Minas Gerais', and everything was fine. We went to stay something like 7 days and the first 6 days went perfect. Not too cold, not too hot, the animal sounds, the fresh smell of coffe everyday, that delicious farm food that my grandma did so well, a true paradise for a child.

And then....the night of the sixth day. I'll never forget that, the sounds, the sensations. Anyway, for some reason that day I was having troubles to sleep, my cousins were already fast asleep, and then I walked to the kitchen, to get me a cup of water or something to frink, with luck would have some coca-cola there. Reaching there I saw my two uncles, who lived on the farm grounds to help my grandparents with all the farm things and all that, they were talking, they saw me and smiled, and continued to talk, I do not remember what they were talking, but were lighthearted and then one of them closed the door, it was maybe something about 22 pm and I saw a enormou quantity of locks on the door, one included a wooden bar that was placed horizontaly. But I've said nothing, just grab my water, drink it and wen back to our room, mine and my cousins.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night I was awaken by the sounds of loud voices, I look around a little lost and saw my cousin holding her sister on his arms, she was crying a lot and said "You hear that Matheus?!" when she saw me open my eyes, and then I've heard my uncle screaming "It's coming back!" and was the first time I heard a gunshot on my life, some kind of hunting rifle, I am not a weapons guy so I do not know the type. I almost screamed, and then one of my uncles went on our rooms, another rifle in hands, he saw us there and seemed relified, he smiled but before he went back to there, leaving the door open, he said: STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS

And we did just that. For the next hour I think, we 3 just get together and waited, and I can swear...i remember the sound of something, seemed big by the sounds of the steps, circling around the property, The sound remember when a dog walks, like, the sound of 4 legs hitting the ground, the sound of a heavy breathing come REALLY close to our window, and then a BANG. My cousin screamed and my uncle wen hellbent on our room, taking us to the kitche, he never loose sight of the window, training the gun there. Then...nothing. Dead silence. We slept on the kitchen, a uncle stayed awake all night with us.

On the morning all seemed like a bad dream, but then I went out because I just loved the smell of grass in the morning, and I saw...these HUGE claw markings on the outside side of the door. Maybe 6 cm width, enormous, and these huge dog-like footprints around the house, when I asked my uncle, the one that took us out of our room, he said, like was normal

"Well, this is our life here."
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