It's was a summer night and I was happily lying in my bed and was watching some creepy YouTube videos despite my mum saying it brings bad thing into the house, I was watching when I heard a knock on my bedroom, note that all my family is asleep and to was 1 am or so, I gathered up my courage and opened my door but no one is there so I go back to sleep, but then I heard another knock, I doubt a rat could bump into the door twice, I ignore it and go to sleep, 1-2 month had passed I had forgot about the incident and didn't want anything to do with it, but this time the same thing happen, it was midnight and I was watching my favourite YouTuber Darkness Prevails but then a hear a tap but this time, it had came from my window, although I have a dog I know what sound my dog makes when he walked up to my window and it is not a tap, now I have read about Jeff The Killer, Slenderman and all those Creepypasta so I was so scared so I didn't check, I am glad I never heard a tap or knock and I hope I never hear it again, and I am still scared I will hear them again to this day.
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