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It's been a while since I last uploaded, and there hasn't been much that has happened. But I did say I was going to upload more of my other experiences so here is the next one.

This all actually happened around Christmas about 2009 or 2010. A while ago indeed but I thought it was more fitting to tell this one around this time. Anyway it was the day of Christmas, and some family was having a little get together. My great uncle David, my grandfather's brother, had bought a new house and hour and a half from my old house. He decided that instead at the time of the year he'd host the party at his newly acquired home, and show off his new wife Candy. Yeah, that was her real name.
Either way we made the long ride there on somewhat clear roads. But when we got to the house it looked fine, just a normal house out in the woods with a serene view. We went inside and was greeted with the sickly sweet family holiday greeting. A few of my cousins were there, Ben and Veda. My younger brother Dalton and myself said hi and made friendly chatter with our cousins. Not long after deciding to play hide and seek down stairs with them. Veda suggested it and since they were younger we agreed. Veda was 14 and Ben was 10.
Great Uncle David warned us to be careful around the new unfinished portion. And of course we agreed.
When we went down the carpeted stairs to the almost fully finished basement we looked around and admired it. Carpet flooring in one half of the large basement. Sliding glass door leading outside to the backyard. Painted walls. Nice stone fireplace, ya know, the works. Although because it was only half finished there was sealed plastic on the sliding glass door and any other cracks. This kept any cold air out and sealed the warmth in.
This detail becomes important later.
Warm and comfortable, but the other half was just bare concrete, wood, and insulation. And the hall looked like a skeleton with the wood framing to isolate the other rooms. And obviously they meant to put in a bathroom because there was a toilet in one of the square room frames that wasn't hooked up yet.
But at the end there was a heavy oak door. And on the other side was a large desk and chair. Again regardless of the door, we could see past the door because there was no walls on either side. Just wood framing to keep the door in place and to serve as a divider between the other rooms. Again, important later.
Veda decides to be it. So as she turned and counted we all hid. Ben hid somewhere behind the sectional couch. My brother Dalton hid behind the toilet (poor choice). Then me going in between the wood framing and hid under the large desk in the room at the end of the hall. Veda announced the phrase "ready or not here I come!" It didn't take long for her to find Ben. Then after not 3 minutes later found my brother. But as they looked around they couldn't find me. There was a rule where we couldn't tell the seeker where people were hiding. So Veda deducted aloud that she didn't hear the door close so I couldn't be by the desk. But before they could go upstairs I revealed myself. They came over into the room where I was and we checked out the desk.
I asked Veda if David bought it, to which she said no. Veda then told us that she heard David already talking to my grandpa about it. Apparently they bought the house cheep and that a lot of furniture was left behind by the previous owner. They sold most of the stuff, but kept the desk because it was so nice. Mahogany desks are nice after all. All the renovation that was going on downstairs was already started, but Candy and David planned to finish it.
Either way it was cool and we decided to move on upstairs to play video games. Accidentally leaving the door open. 
But as we neared at the end of the wood frame hall we all felt cold. Funny enough the room was toasty and sealed. So there was no way. The hair on my arms and neck stood on end and I felt like someone was watching me. Veda turned around and after a moment of pause she told us to look behind us. We turned back to the door.
Remember what I said about the door? Well somehow it started to slowly move by itself. It moved a good few inches before it paused. I remember then looking back at my brother and then the door again. Then the door swung shut and slammed so hard it shook the frame. I nearly jumped out of my skin and booked it back upstairs with everyone else.
Once we reached upstairs everyone was staring and our parents asked what was wrong and why did we slam a door.
Veda was crying and trying to explain what happened. That's when I just said the door slammed by itself as well as we were down the hall and watched it slam shut.
David and Candy looked worried and then pulled out parents aside. While the four of us tried to listen to Daniel, David's older brother, tell us funny jokes. I was watching our parents talking with David. I saw Veda's mom look shocked and put a hand to her mouth like she just witnessed an accident. Veda and I discussed that it was probably bad if she reacted like that.

Time went on and eventually moved on from the odd experience. But while we were in the car my grandpa looked in the rear view mirror at my brother and I. He asked us if we wanted to know what he, Veda's parents, and David discussed. Of course we agreed.
And what he said was this:
The reason why Candy and David got the house was because they couldn't afford their old one, so they saw this one on the market and it was a steal. They bought it from the bank because the owner had committed suicide. He hung himself in the basement, right in that very room above his desk.

A couple years later we found out that David and Candy had sold the house leaving the desk behind. Turns out they had some odd experiences as well and was terrified. They got a small shack house in the country and we're doing fine for a while.
I guess it pays to do some research first before buying a house.
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