By LeanAndMeme

I'm a long time lurker of the Subreddit, and have been reading story's and liked what I have read. I have many creepy things happen to me and have posted before. before this story I never believed in the paranormal but this experience still baffles me and makes me relies that where not the only things in this world that can cause others to feel pain or fear.

This takes place on a nice November night in 2015 we where home alone, my house is your average 2 story house, with me and Jeff's bed rooms on the 2nd floor my house is also not haunted, so that creeps me out even more I'm Mia and was 12 when this occurred. I have Long Peroxide Blond hair that goes down past my shoulders to my chest, blue eyes and on this night I was wearing a tank-top and short-shorts. I was home alone with my big brother Jeff, who looks like a rugby player but he takes medicine because of HDHD and can get aggressive if he forgets to take it, he was 13 at the time. I had 2 of my friends sleeping over i will call them Jocey who's 12 and Gwen who's also 12.

It was about 8:30 Pm when I was making popcorn to watch a movie while my friends where in my room waiting for me to start this movie fest since Jeff kicked us out the lounge room, for those who care the movie was pitch perfect and i was pretty pumped to watch it with my friends. We where about 45 minutes in to the movie, i was really enjoying it and i'm sure my friends where to, but i needed to go to the toilet real bad so I paused the movie then told my friends that i had to go and opened my bed room door then went to the upstairs toilet. I did my business, when i was done washing my hands I decided that I may as well get a drink of water too.

I went down stairs to the kitchen to get my water, I got my cup and filled it half way with water. I finished it and through my cup in the sink, I was going to go up the stairs when I thought I would check on Jeff, since i didn't hear him saying anything i remember it was unusually quiet, I walked down the hall way leading to the front door that branched off to the lounge room. I turned into the lounge room and saw that Jeff was gone, the TV was on the show Rick and Morty. I got uneasy that Jeff was gone I figured he had gone to his room, but that made no scenes since if that was the case i would have heard him go up the stairs, they where really noisy and creeked when you went up or down them. After this thought went through my mind i got freaked out, where was Jeff? Are my friends ok? I went up stairs in a quick dash and went through my bed room door and to my relief my friends where still there they asked me what was up and i told them that Jeff was gone, then I asked them if Jeff went into his room, they said that they didn't see or hear him so they thought he wasn't there. I told them i was going to check his room.

I went down the corridor and stood in-front of his bedroom door i opened it and saw a shadow, I was about to turn the light on but heard Jeff say "Don't, why are you in hear you didn't knock get out!". This was Jeff's usual excuse so i listen and backed up while saying "I'm sorry I just wanted to see if you where ok" I went back to my bedroom telling my friends that Jeff was in his room. Gwen and Jocey said that, that is not right since they didn't hear any noise, while we where talking about how Jeff got in his room we all heard the front door open, I looked at my phone it was now 10:37 Pm my parents should not be hear yet, then i noticed that who ever was in the house was panting, being scared that there was an intruder in the house Me, Gwen and Jocey went down stairs and called for Jeff, we heard him say breathlessly "I think someones in our back yard", we asked why he thought that and he said that he heard me calling his name. We all looked at him shocked that he was hear, since I didn't call for him witch i should of done, then I told him that he was just in his room and asked him how he got up and down the stairs without making any noise, needless to say he looked pretty freaked out. We also asked him why he was out side, he said that he needed to go to the toilet but i was in there, so he went out side since he was busting. So he opened the back sliding door and did his thing, once he was done he started heading back inside when he heard me call his name, he looked every where for me, but he couldn't find me then he heard my voice again but a whispered more demonic version followed by a cold wind that went through him, after this he looked around the backyard while advancing towards the back door but it was now locked he heard a snap of the bush and looked in it's direction, he thought he saw some shadow humanoid figure. He felt as though it was looking at him and in his words, it's presence felt evil, after staring at it thinking he was going mad he rubbed his eyes then, took another look and it was out the bush and walking towards him, he backed up but, then the "Shadow" said in my voice "Jeff i need your help!" which i say alot since, he is good at many things that i'm not good at. After this he booked it over our gate leading to the front yard, sprinting at full speed and that's when he opens the front door.

We asked what to do, but Jeff wanted to check his room to see if anything was in there, so he grabbed his T-ball bat from the lounge room and we all marched up the stairs like a riot, and opened Jeff's door who was armed with a T-ball bat, we turned the light on and saw nothing, except that his window was open. At this we all were terrified including Jeff, it was closed when I was in there about 7 minutes ago talking to the fake Jeff, so even if i did imagine Jeff talking to me it dose not explain how the window opened. We called our parents and they don't believe us and kept partying, nothing else happened that night this experience had me thinking, was it a skin walker??? I loved the story's and creepy-pastas on explainable creatures but I did use to doubt that the paranormal existed until this, I some times have nightmares about Jeff calling for me but when i answer, i hear a demonic voice say "I can't wait to meet again Mia". So anyways that's it basically, it's not as creepy or intense as some other story's on hear but this is true so i must stress to you, please always be alert and remember that there are evil things out there, that would be happy to ruin your life, and will at any given chance.
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