So around 2012, my best friend and I were hiking through the woods of one of the local mountains late in the afternoon for some exercise and cause we were bored as can be. Not much happened on the way up, a few kangaroos here and there not much else. Great view at the top, good chill spot too. so after the sun went down we got the flash lights and headlamps out and carefully made our way back down the mountain towards the town.
Again, not a lot happening along the way back, aside from some odd noises, some excitable 'roos and other wildlife.

About 3/4 of the way down we stopped for a bit of a rest, which was odd in of itself cause we weren't all that tired out heading up the mountain, and we'd had plenty of rest at the summit. We both felt pretty drained but since our backpacks were lighter after consuming some of our supplies, it seemed a bit out of the ordinary. Then we noticed it.

It was dead silent up there. No night life, no nothing. No crickets and even the 'roos weren't crashing around the area like they had been. Absolutely nothing. So we were understandably a bit weirded out and decided we should quietly pick up the pace.

As we reached the bottom, it was like the sound had been turned back on or something, and we continued on our way feeling back to normal, having a yak about random shit and moving aside for the rare car.

About another Kilometer or two later, we started hearing some weird stuff though, and we'd noticed that all the other sounds had stopped again. This time when I started to feel tired, my adrenaline started pumping instead, because I remembered it had happened before. And then that sound happened again. Some kind of rasping, throaty roar in the distance, ahead and to the right of the road, in the woods. Damned if I know what it was, but I do know the sound isn't one achievable by a human.
As we got closer we could hear a lot of crashing noises in the area we'd originally heard it the sound from, followed by that horrible sound again and the sound of an animal in agony being cut short.

From when we first heard it up until that point, we had turned off our lights and were practically creeping along the road, but now curiosity unfortunately got the better of us and we shone our torches over in the area those messed up sounds were coming from. What we saw next nearly made me wimp out to the max, and if my best friend hadn't been there, I would have bolted back to town. However despite our attempts to show the whole "macho as always" vibe, all we could do is ready our knives and stare uncomprehendingly at this THING that was staring RIGHT THE HELL BACK AT US!
To make matters pants-wreckingly worse, this goddamned thing had a dead almost full grown kangaroo in it's mouth or what was left of the roo anyway, since it seems like it was gutted alive and was still kinda twitching.

Every instinct told me to run like a bat out of hell back to town, but thankfully reason trumped my instincts and I chose not to make any sudden moves, especially since I somehow knew that we wouldn't make it very far if either of us ran.
For what felt like ages, it seemed to be watching us as though deciding whether to drop its fresh kill in exchange for us, or not. But then it sort of hunched up and made a slightly muffled form of that sound it seems to make, backed up a little and jumped over 5 meters up the damn cliff face behind it, then made the noise again before jumping and climbing further up the cliff and out of sight.

It was big, with grey-white hair or fur, could stand on hind legs when it needed too, had freaky shaped but clearly powerful jaws and claws like damn hands. Sorta looked like the thing in the picture I've attached, only not like a wimp like that thing, but rather way more lean and muscular from what I saw. But worst of all were its eyes. I swear to God or whatever... those eyes... they looked like they were full of nothing more than hunger... and hate.

Needless to say, I don't like going hiking at night any more.


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