The fair.

A place full of wonder and enjoyment.

A place where you can go get your fill on as much junk food as you want and not be judged because that is all that’s around you, or even go and ride some rides for a quick thrill.

For the longest time, I have loved the fair, especially around Halloween.

My town always has the fair all set up horror-themed. Its honestly pretty cool.

Haunted houses everywhere, chain saw dudes running around, and people dressed up as monsters. This year was supposed to be crazy because some new people were going to come in and set it all up.

It was the towns talk and people were pre-ordering tickets to be able to go right in and go see some haunted houses and get their spook on. Me and my family were some of those people.

My mother sparked the idea during dinner for us all to go as a family, me, my mom, my dad, and my brother. She said it would be fun since we don’t really do anything during October anyways.

We all agreed and honestly I was really excited because I was just going to branch off and go hang out with some friends of mine. These friends were some people I recently met at school that helped set the fair up, they told me they would show me around the haunted houses for free.

This was because the haunted houses have a separate price from the entrance fee. It is usually 10 dollars per haunted house and the place had five so it was a pretty epic deal.

Me and my family went to the fair on the first day. We got all our stuff together we decided to wear costumes to fit in with the horror theme. My mom and dad decided to dress up as zombies and my brother dressed up as a werewolf.

I went as a modern-day looking plague doctor with a gas mask. I created the costume my self and even used a real gas mask.

When we arrived at the fair at the front gate read “The Living Circus”.We Showed the people at the ticket booth are tickets and got in with minutes. It was crazy the place was full of fog and torches lit of the whole place. People were strapped in cages dressed up as monsters.

Their eyes even glowed their movements were so fluent and when they lunged at you through the bars it seemed almost real.

I told my parents I was going to go off with my friends and go see some haunted houses. They told me it was fine I’d just have to take my little brother which didn’t bother me he is pretty quiet and doesn’t really bother.

My friends told me to meet them at one of the haunted houses that was the night of the living dead themed. We all went through the whole place smelt like death. The zombies seemed almost lifelike and one almost even bit me. The place scared the hell out of my little brother so I kept him close by my side.

Towards the end of the haunted house, one of the workers almost grabbed my little brother so I complained to the people at the front. They apologized and even gave us some candy.

That made my little brother really happy and me and my friends carried on to the next haunted house. The next was werewolf and vampire-themed.

The place was kinda lame but one thing that stuck out to me and my friends was how creepily realistic everything was during one part we had to go through a hallway that had glass windows around us.

One of the rooms had this person strapped to a chair with handcuffs and duct tape. The person was screaming begging for us to help her and asking where she was we stood there and watched in horror as one of the werewolves walked up to here and ripped her throat apart.

Fake blood splattered against the glass.

Seeing that ruined the haunted houses for us we were all heavily disturbed and just wanted to leave but my one buddy talked us into investigating the employee-only section of the place and what we saw I don’t think ill ever be able to forget.

There were cages all over the places and in them were werewolves and I don’t mean these were workers the cages were full of shit and bones. The creatures snarled and snapped towards us we all ran out of the build and one of the buildings but one of the employees caught us.

The man hit my friend in the head with a bat knocking him to the floor I picked up my little brother and I ran. I didn’t care that I was leaving my friends behind.

I’m his big brother and I was not going to let any harm be done to him. I managed to find my parents and we left in a hurry I told them what happened but they didn’t believe me….until.

A couple of weeks later my friends were reported missing and not even my friends other people too. One that I saw was the girl strapped to the chair.

I’m going, to be honest, I don’t know why I'm writing this or even putting it out there. I was hoping it would make me feel better or maybe try to find answers but currently writing this is making me feel worse than ever.

I don’t know if those creatures were real maybe they were fake but what I do know is that someone did take those people and attacked my friends. There is no happy ending to this I just hope that whatever happened they managed to escape and not become food for whatever was in those cages…

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