I’m sorry I have not updated everyone on my situation and for people just now reading this go refer to my previous post There Is A Door In My Backyard Part One My Name is Hugh and I recently bought a house in the woods and there is something weird going on in the forest around me. Some of the things I’ve encountered are friendly so far but most of them not so much.
I currently have something big to talk about. The reason I have not posted as of recently is that I have been dealing with so much shit I am practically going mad.

You see someone came to my home, He said he read the last post I put up. I have no idea how he managed to get my location from a Reddit post this situation has kinda freaked me out about posting here but he said he wanted to investigate the woods with me. I told him no obviously and that it isn’t safe for people and that life isn’t some silly game and that he shouldn’t be playing ghost hunter.

To be completely honest I just don’t like the company especially from the likes of people who creepily find my location online and think it is okay to come to visit me without even asking. Also, I don’t want to disturb the seedlings because they have been working on some kind of project in my backyard. They have been really sweet as of recently and have even made me some pretty cool chairs and table in my backyard out of sticks and leaves. Honestly, they are quite comfy and I don’t want to ruin my friendship with them.

The dude seemed to have fucked off and left me alone after me telling him to leave and scaring him by telling him this.

“The Seedlings don’t take kindly to intruders of this property. Trust me they have even almost taken me down a couple of times thinking I was some stranger breaking into the house when I locked my self out.”

I’m going, to be honest, they aren’t actually vicious and them attacking me thinking I was an intruder when I locked my self out was true but when they attacked me they charged at me with little sticks and were hitting my legs. Luck fully the little guys are weak and I was able to quickly tell them it's me and that everything was fine. This is probably actually why they are making me so many things as of lately. Probable to apologize for attacking my shins.

Well, anyways a couple of nights after he left I was getting ready for bed. I just finished watching the new season of South Park and I was pretty tuckered out and was ready to hit the hay. I brushed my teeth and hopped into bed. I was asleep for maybe 4 hours at most maybe?

Until I heard the sounds of screaming and the sound of something hitting the side of my house. I woke up and began to freak out because the screaming wasn’t the kind of screaming an animal would make but the sound of a human.

I was pretty tired still but I knew I had to check on whatever was screaming and what the hell hit my house. The sound sounded like it came from my backyard. I tiptoed into my kitchen which had a window allowing me to see into my backyard. What I saw was not something I have ever even heard of and I know for damn sure this thing is not a skinwalker, wendigo or anything else I have ever heard of.

Standing there trotting in my backyard was a horse type creature it was as black as the night with eyes glowing a light blue. The creature had the body of a horse but it had 6 legs and were its head should be extruded another body sort of like how a Centaur would look but instead of human arms and a face. Bladelike arms were on it appeared to be 4 coming out of it. Two on each side, and the face oh my god…
The face was the worst part its eyes glowed a light blue but its face was stained with blood. It appeared to have the face of a mantis. I just dropped to the floor after seeing this and began to cry my self to sleep. I had never seen anything remotely close to something that terrifying in my entire life. Not even that weird wolf deer hybrid creature scared me this bad.

I awoke to water splashing my face I jumped back hitting my head off of one of my cabinets in my kitchen. When I opened my eyes I realized what splashed water on me was one of the seedlings. The one that gave me the bowl of berries.

I looked at the creature and I gave it a hug and began to sob. I was so happy that it was alive and not hurt. I couldn’t imagine the only living thing living not miles away were to die.

The seedling hugged back and I felt as sap dripped from its little hollowed eye holes.

I got up and asked him what happened and he pointed to my notebook on my table and gestured for me to give it to him. I listen to him wondering why he would need it. He picked up a pen I must have dropped on the floor and began to write. I was in shock the little guy began to write in English. It wasn’t perfect English but it was legible kind of like how a 2nd graders handwriting and spelling would be sloppy.

What he wrote down has me scared I’m going, to be honest. He wrote down the words “Tha Old Won” I asked him what he meant and he wrote down the word “Old God”. I’m going, to be honest, I’m still freaking out about this but before I had to think about the whole situation. The little guy wrote down the words “Follow”.

I followed them outside to the side of my sliding glass door leaving my kitchen entering the backyard and next to the wall plastered on my wall was a massive bloodstain and what seemed to be a small bucket full of red liquid with a sponge floating in the water. I knew immediately what must have happened.

What the creatures call the Old One must have taken the life of the man I told to leave. He must have stayed to see the unknown but the unknown saw him first…

I asked the little guy what happened to the body and he pointed to a cherry blossom tree in my backyard. This tree was not there yesterday apparently when they found the man's body the put his body in a hole and used his body as fertilizer allowing the tree to grow.

After this whole scenario with the guy dying I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything there is more stuff I want to talk about but writing this is just stressing me out even more and I just currently want to go to bed. Well anyways everyone I’m going to go to bed I need advice on what should I do…  


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