My name is Hugh and I recently moved into a nice little house in the woods. Sadly my Grandfather passed away and I recently inherited his money. I was the only family he had and when I was born my father left without saying a word and it drove my mother into a deep depression causing her to take her own life.

My grandfather kept me and raised me by himself. My grandfather told me my mother loved me but her mental health wasn’t the best sadly after my father left us. He told me he wished he could have helped her more so that I would have had a life with her.

I’d constantly dream about her, imagining me and her going out for walks and doing normal mother and son things. Like going out to eat or watch movies together.

A way to keep the memory of her my grandfather would show me recordings of him and her together, and even videos of her holding me singing me to sleep when I was a baby. She was beautiful but even tho I never got to meet her my grandfather filled in the gaps for what a parent should be to their kid.

Gramps always took care of me and made sure I was happy. He would always buy me anything I wanted. He spoiled me and I loved him. So it broke my heart when he sadly passed away from lung cancer…

My Grandfather was against smoking but he got hooked at an early age. He would smoke at least 4 packs a day or even more. He never smoked around me tho he was ashamed of himself. His addiction killed him but I don’t blame him. I know he always did his best for me he just struggled with something he got hooked too when he was just a kid.

He always told me to live life and go explore the world. He always told me that I should go out and see life and nature. He always would take me for walks out in the woods but they would never be for too long due to his condition.

I love nature honestly that’s what led me to use my inheritance to buy a large amount of land a nice cabin to live in. The place was beautiful, nice and rustic. My own little humble abode.

Honestly reminded me of some kind of magical forest home. I love lord of the rings and fantasy shit so my inner nerd geeked out. Also, somehow I managed to even get good internet so I could still play my computer games.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for my Gramps I would probably be sitting in my room playing World Of Warcraft every day avoiding the sun like a bat.

One of the big reasons why I love the woods is the mysteries and stories behind them. My Grandfather would tell me all kinds of stories about the woods. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if they were true or false. He always told me to believe in what I want and that it's my decision if I want to believe because if I did I would be accepting a complete world of the unknown. A world were science can't explain with a microscope.

Honestly, I never understood what he was even trying to say until recently, you see I was exploring my property since I own a large amount of land and I discovered some weird things. To make this easy let me make a list of things.

The first strange thing I discovered was a door out in the woods off of one of the paths on my property. Its a strange thing, its just a plain white door. I tried opening it and it was locked. The first thought that came into my head was why was this random door just in the middle of no were standing up.

Let me explain this thing was not attached to a building or even a doorway, in fact, its literally just a door. Your guess is as best as mine I still can't figure out what the hell that is about.

Another thing I witnessed was something that is more common to me because it is something my grandfather used to talk about a lot. He always told me stories about man-eating creatures that stalked forests picking off lost hikers. He called these creatures Wendigo a man-eating creature that is caused by someone who is lost and hungry that commits cannibalism. I’m not exactly sure if that is the creature I saw I would love feedback. It had a skull of a deer as its face and walked around with the body of a wolf.

Honestly I know it might seem like I am calm cool and collected about all of this but honestly, I am a little freaked out. The only thing that is keeping me from leaving this place currently is the fact that nothing has tried attacking me so far.

Finally, the last creature / human hybrid I saw or shall I say actually got to speak to was this creature I’ve decided to call a seedling. They are these little tree type creatures that walk around and tend to the forest. They seem to be friendly and when discovering them in my garden. They gave me a wooden bowl full of blueberries.

I was skeptical to eat them until the little creature picked one up and ate one in front of me. It seemed as if the little guy couldn’t talk but he seemed to understand me.

I asked him where did he come from?

He pointed to the forest and when he did I noticed he wasn’t just pointing at the forest he was pointing at a little tree that led a hole into the ground. My eyes began to completely focus on it and I saw another one of the little creatures.

I asked the little guy if it was its family he gave me a little thumbs up.

I also asked if it was friendly and not going to hurt me and it hugged my leg as a sign of friendship.

After that it walked off and crawled into its little tree stump. That was a couple of hours ago and I’m not sure what to think currently. This place is strange but I have never seen this kind of stuff and I don’t think anyone actually has. I feel like I have a connection with the forest and I don’t want to leave.

Well I should be heading off to bed its 11:53 pm and I am mentally exhausted from today. To whoever is reading this. Give me some info on what I saw and maybe what these little sapling little creatures are. They seem to be friendly but you can never be too sure in this world.

Well later until next time.


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Tara Jackson Tara462
Super cute story! I hope its real. They sound adorable😊
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Tara462 wrote:
Super cute story! I hope its real. They sound adorable😊

If it's in the 'Original Creepypasta' folder, it's not true.
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Break the lock


I tried will give update on recent events soon maybe tomorrow.

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