This happened two years ago when I visited my friend down at the country side. My friend Cody lived in a pretty decent size house with a barn in their backyard. I remember the woods was located at about 100 yard away from the property. Cody and I became friends since high school and we would always enjoy talking about guns, fishing, and hunting.

One summer day, he invited me over to his house and try out his new rifle that he just purchased. Now remember, his property was big enough to discharge a firearm because there wasn’t anyone living nearby. It would be about 15 minutes driving to a nearby town. As I got to his house he showed me his Colt AR15 which I couldn’t wait to shoot for. I remember Cody’s brother was 12 years old at that time so he was just staying in his room playing video games and ignoring us while we were in the backyard minding our own business.

As we were enjoying our fun time shooting I asked my friend if there’s any deer in the woods? He then told me he saw some deer and wolfs a couple times and asked me if I wanted to go hunting. I’m not really a big fan of killing innocent animals but I wanted to checkout what it’s like to go hunting so I said,”sure, why not?” As we entered the woods, I remember I checked the time and it was 6:57PM since it was summer, the sky was still bright. I could hear the birds and insects chirping as we slowly walked further down into the woods.

After 5 minutes of walk we sat down on a rock and just started talking. I told him,”have you ever entered this woods?” And he told me only once.

As we continued chatting, I spotted something moving about 30 yards away from us. I told Cody,” hey, there’s something moving down there, I bet I could shoot that thing by closing my one eye.” As I jokingly said.

Then Cody laughed and took an aim at the thing. As he looked down his scope, he told me it was a deer he said, “ohhh it’s a deer but why is there a red stain on its face and on its legs?” I took a look through my binoculars and I asked my friend, “hey, are the deers usually this big in Pennsylvania?” But then the deer disappeared into the bush as I asked my friend. Then Cody said, “hmmm not really lets go take a look.” As we slowly walked down towards the bush where the deer disappeared, I heard Cody’s brother calling us.

I first thought he was yelling at us from the house then I thought wait, we were deep into the woods, how the hell did he yell that far?

My friend heard it as well then he said, “ wait something isn’t right.” The voice mimicking Cody’s brother sounded like the vocal chord has been damaged and would only say two words pause and then continue. Next thing we heard, “Come... take a... look at this... deer... friends.” At that point I realized something wasn’t right, no normal human being would speak like that. Cody pointed his rifle towards the bush and I told him, “wait what if it was your brother trying to scare us then I pushed his rifle pointing towards the ground.” Next Cody got a text from his brother as we were just discussing about him.

The text said, “hey when are you guys coming back? Mom and Dad are waiting for you guys to start dinner.”

As I read the message with him I felt the chills down my spine and I pulled out my pistol pointed it towards the bush. Cody then said let’s walk away slowly facing the bush. I listened to his command as we walked back slowly facing the bush. What happened next gave me chills to this day when I talk about it. As we slowly walked away we saw the deer from before peeking it’s head out of the bush and stood up with two legs literally two legs saying, “ walk... away... i..will chase.”

This creature was about 7 feet tall with rotten meant hanging on the side of its mouth at that point I felt like I was in a nightmare, this didn’t feel realistic at all. So many questions were going around in my mind, how?

How can a deer talk?

Is it a human?

What is it?

All of a sudden I heard a loud bang and my ears were ringing.

I then realized Cody fired a shot at that creature then we sprinted back to his house. As we got back to the house, it was 8:30 PM, I thought to myself how did time go by that fast? We entered the woods at 6:57PM and after those encounters would probably take us only about half an hour. we explained everything to my friends parents. My friends dad saw our pale faces and believed everything we encountered. He then said that might be the reason why he heard Cody calling his name outside at 1am in the morning one day telling him to come outside.

But as he looked out the window he didn’t see anyone. Cody and I are still good friends today, thank god he moved out of that place 6 months ago. I wondered what would’ve happened if we didn’t have any weapons on us that day.
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