Joshua Lino ZiCo
I've had many a dream lately. For those that dont know of the Wooden Skin Man, i will recap.
I am a native american and for the last two years, i've had seasonal nightmares during November - March of a barrage of different creatures that started with a demonic native american wearing a wooden mask and a feather headdress, who did many things including locking me inside my own mind in a dream, to causing sleep paralysis and causing a reaction of many other nightmares to occur including a Grim Reaper, and evil parallel of my own mother, as well as a businessman in hell and a humanoid with a burnt face.

These all have lead up to a dream i had two months ago of a man in a black cloak in a dark room with stone walls. I could not see his face. All i remember is fast motion, someone running and then the last thing in my vision was him standing still, looking at something out of my view. 
Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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