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see my profile for the stories leading up to this to get a full grasp on the severity of everything going on. So far we have encountered the Wooden Skin Man three or four times, as well as the Grim Reaper, a Gray Woman, the Top Hat Man, my own late father... twice, black finger marks on my wall, a shadow man a voice speaking in Parseltongue, a cloaked nightmarish figure, and now, the japanese spirit of Momo. 

It was a long night of tossing and turning. Finally at midnight i went to sleep. I thought i might be over my dreams. But obviously not. I thought forgetting about spirituality would end my night terrors. But no.

Of course not. in this dream i was being chased around my house, inside of my head, inside of my house, while i sleep by a woman with sharp fangs, bulging eyes, and a pig nose, with a striped black and white shirt and pale skin and black, frizzy hair. Her smile and small pupils made her even almost as scary as the Wooden Skin Man himself. The same insidious smile of malintent. Only a demon like him would be able to scare me like that. I have a feeling this is tied to the Wooden Skin Man, but how to defeat him, i don't know.

Please help. I've tried everything within my religion's guidelines and have gone as far as to use the Forgotten Texts of the Bible as help but even they dont work. I've tried using scientific and physiological solutions. Nothing works. I fear i may deal with these terrible dreams for the rest of my life. Praying helped at first, but even that doesn't work anymore.

Please help. I don't know what to do.

Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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