Ronnie Anderson
This was way back in 2010, I was taking a trip in japan with my mom and little brother, we stopped at a gas station on are way back to the hotel in are rental car, and my little brother started to look across the street, I said "What chu looking at" he turned around and responding with "Theres a woman in brown wearing something on her face" I looked across the street and standing there was a woman in a brown trench coat wearing a surgical mask, in japan a surgical is a common thing to prevent colds spreading so I didn't care.

My mom went to go pay for the gas because of the currency, we walked in and the woman was at are car, I told mom about it and she stopped everything she was doing and was going towards the woman, 20 minutes later she walks in and grabs us and takes us to the car and leave without paying, we drive to the hotel and I ask her whats going on, she tells me this disturbing encounter.

So she went to go ask the woman why is she standing at the car, she walks out and talks to the woman saying "Sumimasen" which means "excuse me ma'am is something wrong" the woman turns her head up to my mom and said "Watashi wa kawaiidesu" which means "am I pretty" my mom answered with a firm "yes" then what happens next, it scarred her for life, rhe woman took off her mask to reveal her mouth was slit from ear to ear, my mom gasp and she grabbed her phone and asked her "do you want to go to the hospital" then the woman held up her scissors and my mom froze and she asked her "am i pretty" question, and my mom said "No, you need help you need a hospital" then the woman charged at her and that triggered her to grab us, and run to the car, luckly when we went to the car she was gone.

Now 3 days after this epidemic i looked up on google "woman with a slit mouth" and we encountered Kuchisake-onna, a woman from the edo period that killed herself because her mouth was slit by her samurai husband because she was cheating.
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