You have my permission to narrate my entire encounter. The author I corresponded with (mentioned below) is Linda Godfrey, and here's a link to her post she made regarding the first half of my encounter

Here's my encounter-

I'll start off with a little background. I'm currently 23, married with two daughters, not to mention my wife is pregnant. I'm a local truck driver in Houston, delivering lumber to mostly new residential construction sights. I'm 6 feet tall, between 180-190 pounds. I'm 3/4 white, 1/4 American Indian( I won't name my tribe out of respect to my people). I'm the oldest of my great grandfathers 40+ great grand children which means I've learned all of our history, secrets and legends that only my tribe's elders can tell you.


My experience was on the 20th of July in 2012. It was a Friday night. I was 19 at the time, and didn't have many responsibilities other than delivering pizza part time, so naturally being a teenager I was out with friends at a house party in old Katy (a suburb west of Houston, Tx)

My friends and I experimented with both marijuana and alcohol, but we were always "responsible" enough to make sure one of us stayed sober to be the designated driver. That particular night was my turn to be the sober one. My friend Brennan had gotten well past drunk and once he was starting to behave reckless I decided it was time to leave the party and take him home. He didn't want me to take him home, so instead he asked me to drive him to one of his friends houses that I'm not familiar with. This friend, who I only remember as Joey, lived on the far west outskirts of Katy.

I took a road called Morton Rd to get there. We rode with the driver and passenger windows down so Brennan could get some fresh air. The street is one turn Off of Morton, called Bartlett (my sense of direction is fairly superior; I've delivered pizzas all throughout Katy, and have since become a local truck driver in Houston) Bartlett had 3 or 4 house on the right side, and on the west side was a fairly large forest area (maybe 40 or so acres) and dead ends just past the last house.

I had noticed the moon was full before I even went out that night, and vaguely noted it as I got to Joey's house, the second house on the right and parked my car on the left side of the road, closest to the trees. I helped Brennan get out of my car and walked him to the porch, Joey came out and thanked me for dropping him off and we said goodbye.

I decided to smoke a cigarette before I left the road. At the time, I shared my car with my dad and his number one rule was to not smoke in his car. After lighting my cigarette it didn't take long to notice that the road was eerily silent. I assume I didn't notice before as I was helping my noisy drunk friend get inside the house. Maybe three drags into my cigarette I heard heavy footsteps going across the gravel maybe 100 feet in front of me. I was alarmed at the sound they made, similar to the sound of pulling something metal against concrete.

Just so we're clear-my fears have always been werewolves.I've always been into horror movies, I love scaring myself but the only monster to pop up in my dreams have been werewolves. Here I am, alone, standing on a dark road under a full moon and I hear something BIG walking too close for comfort in front of me, I didn't hesitate to throw down my cigarette and get into my car. I told myself as I was getting in that I wouldn't turn on my headlights so I wouldn't have to see what was in front of me, and simply reverse my way back onto Morton Rd and get the hell out of there. Unfortunately for me, my car had automatic lights that turned on as soon as I started the car, a fact that I was aware of but in my panic seemed to ignore.

Immediately in front of me about a hundred feet as I had guessed was a 6 and a half to 7 foot beast, on two legs. It was covered in black fur, with the body of a gym addicted man and the head of what I guess could be similar to a German shepherd or a black wolf. It had human like feet covered in the dark fur as well with large claws sticking out about two inches, and it held its left hand out the same way a human would reaching for something in front him/her. I noticed that the fingers ended in large claws as well. While this was enough to cause my jaw to drop, what got me the most was that it was wearing torn blue jeans that seemed too tight and unnaturally torn, and an open flannel blue shirt that was ripped at its bulky shoulders.

It looked my way when the lights revealed it and glared at me with narrowed yellow eyes barring it's large fangs. My windows were still down and I hadn't touched my radio so I had no trouble hearing the loud growl it let out. It then turned its head to the forest, dropped on all fours and ran out of my sight into the trees.

All of this took place in about 20 seconds, but it felt like hours. At this point I literally had tears in my eyes but didn't hesitate for one second longer to shove my car in reverse and put the gas pedal to the metal. I heard loud growling and grunting as I was leaving. I reversed onto Morton Rd and went 80-90 miles an hour down the streets leading back to Katy and didn't slow down till I was on interstate 10. While still on Morton Rd I kept my eyes in front of me and sobbed the whole time because I had never been so scared in my life. I can swear that the look I got from this creature was communicating to me that I had no business seeing him and that he wanted me gone. The look reminded me of criminals on tv being caught in their wrongdoings and wanting to cause harm to those who witnessed it.

I got home, ran inside and called my Scottish terrier into my room and didn't sleep till the sun was up.

To this day I've never had a desire, nor the nerve to go back to that part of Morton Rd. I obsessed over the idea that I had seen a werewolf and researched werewolf sightings on google and was intrigued by the beast of bray Rd and Michigan dogman sightings and everything else that came up. I was disappointed to see that nothing i found on the web was precisely what I saw...while the beasts others have encountered seemed similar, none were spotted wearing clothes. I told my mother and father what I had seen, and while my mother could tell I was being genuine, my father was more interested in me driving that far from home without letting him know so I stopped talking about it. Of the 7 people outside of my family I've told, only my now wife and one friend seemed to believe me, most laughing and asking stupid questions such as "did you ask the werewolf if he got the vampires yet?" And similar things like that.

It wasn't hard to notice that my story sounds far fetched, especially considering the fact that I couldn't find any other reported sightings near the Houston area, nor much in Texas recently either. I never submitted my encounter online because I was scared of being ridiculed, or to be honest scared that if I did say my story that somehow the creature would find out and hunt me down...I'm honestly positive I'll never stop being haunted by the memory of this creature, it's just too vivid and too frightening to put out of my mind.

I also never told Brennan, the friend I dropped off there that night, what I saw. In fact, I didn't see him again for two years until accidentally bumping into him at a gas station in south Katy.

My grandmother took an interest in my encounter and told me the legend of our tribe's "Skinwalkers and the cursed enemies" which is very interesting and very disturbing. I'm not able to give much detail out of respect to my tribe, but I'll say this. Our skinwalkers are very different than the Navajo tribe's tales. They would transform into either bears or wolves when wars would breakout. Once the leader of their enemies were caught, the Skin-wolf (our nickname) would bite and infect them, damning them to become a half wolf monster on the full moon, similar to most werewolf legends. Our ancestors spirits are most powerful and prominent during the full moon, and it is them who would force our enemies into their transformation. The curse would be passed down for every eldest male of each new generation of the cursed enemy's descendants. I normally would call all of this bullshit or just a scary story but after the night of my sighting and what followed 4 years later, let's just say I've opened my mind.

Last summer, 2016, my mom and fiancé (now wife) went shopping at Barnes and Noble and noticed A book by an author who was a cryptozoologist and who I followed on social media in case of hearing anything similar to my experience and thought I'd like it. I couldn't put it down and after reading a chapter where a woman in Tennessee saw a clothed creature, I decided that after four years of hesitating it was time to write to her. She believed my story and told me about a lot of people reporting things similar to mine, and I let her in on my tribes legends to give both of us an angle we hadn't considered as far as learning what this creature is. It's been months since our conversations and since she posted my story, so she has no idea what came next.

My horror wasn't over.

In September 2016, I was delivering lumber to a new neighborhood in Katy, right near that goddamn Bartlett Road. The way it's set up is you've got Avenue D and Bartlett Rd (the road of my encounter) running parallel to each other, with Franz Rd cut off connecting them in between, which is where I was on route to a new developing neighborhood and blew out my tire. My work truck doesn't come with a spare so I had to call my boss to send a service truck out to replace my tire. All I could do was wait. I smoked about 3 cigarettes, listened to horror stories on YouTube, and started working on lyrics (I'm also a songwriter) when a truck came down the darkening road. I assumed it was the tire guy but the truck was an old and beat up, probably a 98 model Ford F-150. Red with a single cab. The truck slowed as it came by my truck, and he rolled his window down. I didn't pay much attention to him but I looked up in his direction. His face was hidden but in a rougher, quiet voice he asked

"Hey bud, is everything alright, anything I can help you with?"

Me "no thanks sir, I got a service truck due here about 5 minutes from now to fix my tire. I really appreciate your concern and courtesy though, thank you again."

The man then turned his head sharply towards me, and sniffed the air, then smiled, revealing VERY yellow teeth, with canines that honestly looked like fangs of a vampire. What freaked me out the most was that the son of a bitch was wearing a blue flannel shirt with patches on the shoulders. The werewolf I saw had a torn blue flannel shirt on...and I don't believe in coincidence, not after everything I've seen.

My eyes were widened in shock, and his smile grew more sinister as he says

"I remember you..."

"Wh..what?" I stammered.

"I REMEMBER YOU," he growled loudly in a demonic sounding voice and his eyes, I shit you not, turned yellow.

The tire truck came down the road at that moment and the man looked annoyed but still very satisfied with himself. He looked at me, his eyes normal and his teeth just yellow but not sharp, and said

"See you around, Blake"

I almost pissed myself right then and there hearing him say my name.

"Fuck you, you fucking monster," I breathed barely audible to myself but he was already pulling away. I got his license plate but didn't call in, I mean what the hell do i say to the cops?

"Uh yeah this dude just drove by and freaked me out I think he's a werewolf cause he has a shirt the same as the one I saw 4 years ago"

it just wasn't an option.

I haven't seen the man since then and still refuse to go out on the night of the full moon. It's just not worth the risk to me. I know most people won't believe me, but I honestly couldn't care less if you do or not. I know what I saw, and I'm not crazy. The stuff of legends isn't just legends. This all has proved to me that the world we know is full of things we can never possibly understand. My advice to you is to not put yourself in situations that would be bad in a horror movie. I was the lucky survivor. You just might be the first unlucky victim of the never ending hunger and rage of the beast.

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