Undead Cryptid
When I was growing up, I lived in a small town with a forest surrounding the town I was 15 at the time, but when me and my friends had nothing better to do in our spare time we would usually go explore the forested area around our town we were sure to stay by the town road the one that leads into the city. And where we could see the shops and stuff, but we liked hanging out there, but deeper in the forest was an old abandoned house where an old family use to live. One night we decided to venture into the deeper parts of the forest so we could explore the old house. It was old and mostly worn out as well, we knocked at the door to see if anyone was still in the house, no one opened the door and I knocked again the door slowly opened and no one was there opening it, it just opened on it’s own. Me and my friends entered the house slowly the floorboards were old and creaky, so we explored the house and found the door leading down to the basement, so we opened the door and this cold breeze passed through us all at once. Once I  the door was open this stench of rotten flesh and bones, and my body froze white and pale.I heard this screeching noise upstairs, the basement door slammed shut and I could hear the screams of one my friends coming from the other side of the door. And a knock of where me and my friend were standing. Suddenly my friend was swiftly taken by this spirit he was carried upstairs I followed his screams then his screams stopped, I froze still of what I saw in one of the rooms it was my friend hanging upside down I was terrified of what I saw his guts hanging from from his stomach and blood all over the room, I was terrified then I have ever been before, I ran out of the house as fast I could once I turned around I saw it standing in the door with its red glowing eyes before the door closed it let out this low maniacal laugh a laugh I would never forget. I gathered the courage to go back and explore it for myself once I got back to the house and this voice in its low growling voice”I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE LITTLE BOY”. I froze and my body shook violently, and again the voice said”YOU CAN HIDE BUT NOT FOR LONG”. I quickly ran back out and headed towards my house and hid under my covers. And that’s when I realized it was standing at the foot of my bed with its red blood dripping eyes.
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it's alright
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