David Bitea
Well, let me introduce myself. My name is David and I currently live in an apartment with my sister and my family. We are waiting for a new house.

When i was about 7 I had this really creepy experience that still scares me till this day. I did not know what it is or where it came from all I know is this:

I was on easter break of school so me and my sister we went to our grandma's house for 1 week mostly so we could play with her toys she kept for us but still I love my grandma. She would do anything for us. So we got in the car and drove of.

When we arrived she was already waiting at the door for us and we rushed out of the car to hug our grandma. Our mum waved us goodbye and our grandma let us in.

It was unusually hot in there but it didn't bother us too much. Our grandma was cooking dinner for us whilst me and my sister was watching tv. My sister got hungry so we decided to just go for dinner. We sat down and ate. Our grandma said that we should get ready for bed but I wanted to stay up a little longer as it was the break. She agreed but she put my sister to bed. When i gone back to watch the tv I realised something. I was confused.

The tv was turned off. I swear I didn't turn it off. So I went up to tell my grandma if she turned off the tv.
She said she didn't but I didn't believe her. Her memory was quite bad so I just got changed and sat in my bed. I slowly dozed off and slept. Weriedly enough I worked up to some sound of plates. I thought my grandma was up so I went to check but she was still in bed.

I was shocked and scared. I didn't want to go downstairs or wake my grandma up or she will get moody as she usually does when you wake her up. I went back to bed and tried to forget what happend. When i was about to sleep there was a strange Crawling person coming closer to me. I legit screamed so loudly. The creature had 4 legs a blank expression and weird red eyes.the figure slowly went under my bed and when grandma got up to check on me I stopped screaming and said under the bed under the bed!

She got moody as she always does and she said nothing is under your bed stop imagining things. My sister got up crying because she felt something scratch her finger. My grandma quickly washed it off and put her back to bed. She checked under the bed.

Nothing. I felt ashamed for waking her up. As time went on we didn't experience anything like that anymore, my sister didn't have the scratch anymore it was normal. However when we went back to our mum's car we explained everything and she was confused just as we was. We said bye and drove off. I decided I will glance at my bedroom window once more and what I saw scared my to this day.

It was the same crawling creature as before. It was facing me with a grin. I thought my grandma would be in danger but my mum already drove off and there would be no point going back now. I kept it in and just went through till home. But what happened scared me till this day and I hope nobody goes through what I went through.
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