This is Mia again and I had another experience last night, I'll try to keep this one brief. I had supper and went upstairs to my room to play a game on my desktop  computer. Wasn't anything interesting, just an old blocky computer that used to be my grandma's.

I heard a call from downstairs. "Mia, get off that thing and come down here. Your friends are here!" Yelled mom. I went downstairs to the living room.

"Hi, Mia." Said Cory " Dad has to work at Mr. Wate's, and we didn't want to be home alone" Randall said with a frown on his face. We went upstairs and played some board games and a few rounds of truth or fire, before I realized that it was getting late. We had planned to sleep in the living room so we could watch the tv.

Mom kissed us all goodnight and we watched tv. It started to rain. We were watching one more movie when all of a sudden we heard a voice saying we sat in silence. It started to get more understandable and we could hear Randall and Cory's dad's voice saying "come outside darlins, I want to show you guys something" .

It said that a few times before being quiet. "Holy smokes!" Whisper yelled Cory. I asked Cory if their dad had come back early. "No, dad said he would be gone for the rest of the night" he said. We watched about half the movie before " WHAT THE HE'LL KIND OF KIDS ARE YOU?!!!!!!" Screamed the voice "LET ME IIIINNNNNN!!!!!!!!" It screamed.

It was crying like someone in pain. Randall got a feeling, a feeling that made him want to open the door. I screamed at him to stop. We heard weeping and scratching outside.

And fell asleep. We woke up and got breakfast. Randall didn't talk  the whole time. Until we were alone. "There was something in a tree last night." Said Randall "he told me to "be a good boy" and let him in." He said. " know it was there but I could barely see it.".

We didn't question him anymore. This is Mia and please comment whether or not you want more details on the story. If so I will make another story dedicated to details on the stories.
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