Never thought something like this would happen to me. I've grown up in the woods my whole life and never once had a scary  experience. My names Tess and I am 22 and live in ontario canada. My parents live out in the wilderness and have 2 properties one with their house on it and the other down the road with 200 acres with a long trail that leads about 100 acres in to a private lake. We regularly take Atv's out and ride them to the lake to fish, swim and relax  on the dock with a cold one.  Lately I lost my job due to the pandemic so I moved out of my apartment and drove up north to stay with my parents until it is over.

Luckily my other siblings haven't lost their jobs so they still are in the city but one of my brothers came up for a long weekend to fish with my dad and they went ahead on the 2 of our 3 atv's to the lake. I decided to join and follow after them but the 3rd atv was giving me trouble, I checked the gas and it was full tried to pull start it but no luck so I told my mom I'd take my car and park at the front of the 200 acre and walk in to the lake, it was a beautiful day so I didn't mind a nice long sunny walk then go for a cool swim. So I hopped in my car and drove over parked and set off on the path my phone playing music to scare away any animals on my way or so I thought it would. Usually takes 50 minutes to walk in to the lake, thirty-five maybe forty if you run down the crude trail. I was at a fast paced walk enjoying the views and music and about twenty minutes into the walk when I heard voices to my left in the woods. I turned off my music to listen, sometimes my family would go off trail on atv's so I called out to see if it was my dad and brother wandering around.

I got no reply and heard no engine noises  so I kept walking.  A minute later I saw something run across the path ahead on all fours and I stopped in my tracks. It was big, a wolf? A dear? Maybe a bear? I couldn't be sure but I started to back away slowly and stand tall like you should when confronted with an animal. I looked around the forest and noticed how silent it had gotten. Not even wind to rustle the leaves in the trees. My hair was all standing on end on my arms and goosebumps trailed up my arms and legs.

I felt like I was in danger. My head on a swivel I kept looking around me trying to identify where the treat was coming from until I heard footsteps from right behind me. I jerked around and 20 feet away stood this tall thing! Grey skin and bony, it was so big as tall as a small house about 9 feet while it stood upright on 2 hooves and it had antlers that were white and yellow. It looked like it was decaying and its head loped to one side arms falling past its knees and it had hollow eye sockets but it felt like they were looking into my soul. But my eyes went down and focused on the things hands.

It had boney human hands and they looked like they were prepared to reach out to me. My voice was caught in my throat and flight instinct pushed me into a full out run right down the path in the direction on the lake. I heard it behind me almost like it wasn't even trying to keep pace with me, waiting for me to tire out. I was so panicked I didn't even realize I had lost track of the trail I used to be on and was now jumping through the brush of the forest until I got my foot stuck in between a fallen tree's branches, I looked back and the thing was still coming and I had no time so I slipped my foot out from my shoe and kept going until I reached a clearing filled with tall grass. At this point I was so tired and breathing hard so I ran then I crawled into a patch of thick grass and weeds and tried to steady my breath as the thing entered the edge of the clearing seconds later.

It stayed just on the edge looking around the clearing with its hollow gaze when I heard what I thought was laughter. It was like a chuckle that sounded rattling like, "Chuk chuk chuk" then it spoke in a voice all to familiar to me. My father's voice. "Come out small one" It took a step towards the other side of the clearing I wasn't on. "I need your help with something".

I was trembling and trying to hold my panic in tears falling down my face. Then a sound off in the forest drew its attention and it ran out of the clearing so fast towards it I barely had time to register that it was gone. I lay there quiet and still I don''t know how long until I heard the forest come alive with noise like it woke up around me. I stood cautiously feeling a painful twinge in my ankle and looking down to see an angry bruise starting to form from when I got it caught in that damn tree. I wasn't sure where I came from and I know they say to stay put if you're lost in the forest but there was no way I was waiting for that thing to come back. I looked at some trees to get my bearing of which way is north. My parents taught me that moss mostly grows on the north side of the trees so I had the general direction of north and when I looked up to the sky the sun was getting low so I couldn't see it through the trees but the way the light was coming I knew that was west. Since the lake is south east and I was running in that direction I would want to go north west to get back to the road and to my car. so I walked/ limped in that direction still looking around, holding my breath everytime the forest seemed too quiet then letting it out when I heard a birds call or a squirrel chitter. 

It took about an hour since I had to fix my direction every now and again and the forest has bogs and thick brush which is hard to navigate with a hurt ankle and lack of a shoe. But I made it out onto the road a long ways away from the front entrance of the property.  I went down the road to the entrance of the property where I heard my name being called by my dad, at first I didn't answer scared the thing was back but then I saw his atv parked beside my car and I hobbled and ran to him. He hugged then looked at me and asked what happened seeing my tear lined face and lack of shoe. I told him I was chased by something through the forest and I got turned around.

He told me my brother was riding around the trail to look for me and we had to wait for him but I asked to wait in the car. I felt unsafe out in the open and felt like we were being watched constantly. He agreed and sat with me in the car until my brother showed up twenty minutes later but in those twenty minutes I told my dad the whole story. He was very quiet and told me not to say anything to my brother when he showed up so not to spook him. My brother ran around the car and opened the door and gave me a hug because he was worried. They asked if I needed  to go to the hospital looking at my foot but I didn't think it was that serious so we went back to my parents house. It was my left foot so I could drive back to the house without issue and they took the atvs.

I drove back shakily just wanting to feel safe inside a building with family present. When we arrived at the house after I parked I got out of the car and saw that outside the house on the porch was my shoe, the one I lost in the forest. I saw it and started to break down into tears and my brother was so confused but my dad hugged me and took me inside. I ended up telling my mom and brother what happened, my dad just didn't want to freak my brother out at the time because he was atving alone looking for me. I iced my foot and thankfully didn't need a doctor and we did some research, well my brother did it mostly and ended up calling a shaman to come bless my parents properties a few days later. The shaman also gave me an amulet carved from wood and told me to wear it when I am in  the forest to protect me from the evil spirits. He was very adamant about me wearing it. If what I saw was a evil spirit I plan on never being alone in the woods again and it has become a part of my day to put on this amulet before I go outside. So far nothing else has happened and I am thankful to say I haven't seen that thing again since that encounter 2 months ago. I feel like I've lived through a horror movie, and I can say I hated every second of it. I still can't get the things rattling laugh out of my head.
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