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This happened in 2006 in Northern Kentucky. We had been in our new house for ruffly a year when I noticed a dark figure watching our house from the tree line behind our house.

 One day after coming home from work I headed out to our back yard to work in the garden and gather some fruit and vegetables to make with dinner for the night. While out at the back part of the garden I heard crunching leaves and sticks in the tree line. I didn't think much of it because there was a heavily used game trail just inside the trees, so I figured it was some sort of animal.

I continued what I was doing then headed back into the house, but now I had a feeling that I was being watched. I stopped and looked around but didn't see anything since it was starting to get dark, so I headed in the house to help make dinner. After dinner I started to do the dishes and happened to glance out the back window when I saw a dark figure standing at the tree line.

I turned around to yell for my wife but when she finally came to the kitchen the figure was gone. Figuring my eyes were just playing tricks on me with seeing shapes or objects that aren't there. After I got done with the dishes I turned off the lights in the kitchen and sat down in the living room to play some Xbox.

It was around 12ambwhennthe back motion light came on, but that wasn't to abnormal because the neighbor had like 50 cats that would tramp through my yard at all hours of the night, so I just ignored it and went back to play my game.

Not sure how long it was after the last time, you know how it is when you play a really good game you loose all track of time. Suddenly the back lights came on, this time I paused my game and got up to check it out. When I looked out our back door there wasn't any cat, but there was a dark figure movie around in the far back part of the yard.

I walked out the door onto my back deck to see if I could make out what it was. When I got outside the figure stopped moving and just stood still and it looked like whatever it was had it's gaze set on me. To test my idea I moved around and where it's eyes should be just following me.

At this point I have no idea what is going on or what the hell is in the woods. So I backed up slowly while keeping my eyes on the thing as I went back into the house. Then turned all the lights off in the house an watched through the blinds. The figure didn't move for a bit then the back lights went out. I watched a bit longer then started back to my room. 

After I went to bed the lights came back on, this time I looked up from bed and there was a shadow just outside my bedroom window. I just pulled the cover over my head and went to bed. The next morning all was quiet and back to normal.

All was quiet for the next couple of days, then the figure started showing up all around the yard watching my every move. To the point it started coming into the house. Just outside of my bedroom door, this happened all the way up until I moved away.
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