Me and my freind went to a private school that didn't have much for sports so we would walk about a mile everyday in a pretty busy area. An area I would never expect this to happen. On one of these walks we would periodically see strange pepol but no thing out of the ordinary.
One day though we were on our usual walk when we saw a tenage kid about our age. This was normal because we were close to the middle school, but they wouldn't get released for another 10-20 minutes. This kid did not seem one bit ordinary.
He just kept walking then I saw it his gaunt face his lack of expression but weirdest of all were that his eyes were completely rolled back. My freind who was an idiot made a stupid comment that did not even phase him. The kid just kept walking and almost disappeared from sight. I instantly turned to my freind and said did u just see that. In kind of shock said yah. The weirdest part was that I live in a smaller town were everyone knows everyone and to this day I walk that same route and have never seen him or anyone close to looking like him.
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