So here lately not much has happened, but

I've been experiencing some good things

happening in my life. I was able to get a few

things I've been wanting for ever, I got a dog

that we saved from the pound, and got into a

new relationship. Things have actually been

great even though we as a whole are in dark


         Well most everything has been good. Like

most I have dreams and before all this has

started I would have normal dreams, things I

wanted, places that were awesome, etc, but

here lately my dreams have been darker, more

real, more consistent. Almost every night now I

dream the same damn thing. A monster that

comes every night and stands over me, and

every night gets closer to me.

        Well, last night I went to bed, everything

was fine like normal and I fell asleep fast. I

remember dreaming about being in the woods

and just walking through it with a dense fog in

place, which I dont mind I love walking in the

woods especially when its foggy, but something

happend and I ran home. The next thing I know

something hit the door with a thud. I hear

someone say, "your in a dream but you are not

waking up". I start to look out side and cant see

nothing. Everything starts to get foggy on the

inside of the house. As I stand there I feel

breathing on my neck, I hear undecernable

whispers, and a feeling of panic I've never felt

before. Out of nowhere I smelled a smell I

recognized from other dreams I had previously,

it was the thing I've been dreaming about a

demon made of smoke. I looked all around me

to see if I could find it, but to no prevail. As I

turned to the door there right in front of me with

only inches between us, it stood. No eyes, a

thick smoke like body, long scraggly limbs and

fingers, and a smile that could literally kill. 

      It grabbed my throat with one hand, and

took its other and cut a line around the front of

me throat with the other. The pain was felt and

excruciating, it felt like someone putting a hot

wire around neck. Then it breathed out this

smoke like substance that went into my mouth

and nose, it smelted like burning coal and

sulfur. I couldn't wake up from this dream. Then

out of nowhere it let's me go with a sinister

smile, and I woke up. 

       I was drenched in a cold sweat, and my

heart racing. I got up and went to the bathroom.

After doing my business, I do as usual and go

to wash my hands and brush me teeth. I looked

in the mirror and there on my neck was a large

scratch across it. The I stared to smell that

awful smell. Burning coal and sulfur. 

       I told my girlfriend about it, and she thinks

I'm just having a nightmare, but that doesn't

explain why I have a scratch on my neck or

keep smelling that god awful smell. If you have

an idea what it is let me know.

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