This happened a few weeks ago and was surprisingly expected but not expected at the same time. So there was a strange Man That Lived Down The Street From My House. He Has Duct Tape Over His Windows, A Fence All Around His House (which Is Actually Not Strange), He Has Some Kinda Net Covering His Porch, And Cameras everywhere. He Also Drives slowly Around The Neighborhood whenever Its Dark. Ive Never Seen Him In The Day Or Any Sign That He Is Even Alive. And I Had A Suspition He Did Everything I Do In The Day He Did At Night. And Everyone Thought He Was Strange. He was always the subject of a conversation at neighbors night out or any kind of party. He was funny to talk about but also kinda creepy and sent chills down my spine. One night me and my friend (lets call him billy)  decided to ding dong ditch and he answered before we could run. And offered us a seat in his house. Before we could do anything he dragged us in. His house seemed normal and his basement looked magnificent. He opened a secret door i had not noticed inside it looked like a funeral was happening but with no people. There was a coffin in the corner of the room and 2 tables with ropes on it tied to some hooks. As soon as I saw this i winked at Billy and we beat the krap outta the guy. We ran he caught billy by the ankle he fell. I ran home got my gun (I am 11 and have a license) and my pocket knife. And instead saying anything I just went it was about 3:00 AM when I left. I went barged in and with my gun loaded with one silver bullet i stabbed him just before he bit billy. That's when I saw his fangs. I was happy i had a silver bullet but I had only one shot and I fired and he died almost instantly. Me and Billy ran as fast as we could this is the first time sharing this info. Also the last. I will never speak of this again because it is too hard. Please if you meet me don't ask me about it or billy we don't like to speak of it.




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