The Vampire Club by V.M. Leyva
The events of that night are so distorted and fuzzy it’s like a horrible nightmare that I would soon rather forget but it has haunted me for the past five years. My friend Miranda and I had gone to the city to see a band play at a club. Since we were about 2 hours away from home we decided to just get a hotel room and stay the night instead of backtracking home in the middle of the night. We thought it would be safer, and boy how we were wrong.
We got to the club at about a little past 10pm and the band we went to see had just started playing. We went down to the dance floor to stand in front of the stage. It was at that moment that I suddenly felt ourselves being watched. I even turned around to see if I could make out anyone I knew. I didn’t see anyone and brushed it off as finally being outside my house for once. I didn’t really think that we would be vulnerable in a club in a big city but I was starting to slowly regret my decision to go out.
I first saw him from the corner of my eye. He was facing the crowd with his back to the wall on the side of the stage. He was a tall white male with slicked back dark brown hair. His clothes looked like he was from the 90s, and in 2010 that just wasn’t right. Plaid green shirt and jeans covered by a leather jacket. He seemed to looking at the crowd and taking count of how many people were there. I assumed he must have been security or worked at the club. Miranda Went to the bar to get us drinks as the band took a break, and that’s when he appeared right to me. “Great band, do you listen to this type of music a lot?” He said. Dread took me over. Just having him near me made me stomach knot. “Sure, it’s my favorite, What’s your name?” I said. If this creep wanted to talk to me, I needed his name just in case anything went down. “David, what’s yours?” He said in a stern voice. He seemed annoyed. “Kristen” I said. Kristen is not my name. He just gave a half smile. “Alright, I call you Kristen if you want.” He said as if he knew I was lying.
Miranda showed up with our drinks. “This is my friend, Sonya.” I said giving a look to Miranda. “Yeah, I’m Sonya.” Miranda said sipping her drink. David just looked at us both, gave a smile and took a deep breath. “Ok then, you ladies have a nice night, I’ll see you around.” David said as he took off. My eyes watched him as he slowly made his way out of the small club. I breathed a huge relief seeing him go but I just couldn’t shake him. I couldn’t stop the vision of his face from entering my mind. We watched the 2nd half of the band’s show and stayed a little bit later to buy merch and take pics with the band.
We ended up at our motel at around 1 am. We had more than a few drinks at the club and were feeling good but ready for bed. It was a 2 bed room so each just took to a bed stripped down to our underwear and got under the sheets. Miranda and me didn’t even talk, we must’ve fell asleep as soon as we laid down. I started dreaming immediately. In my dream I was in my house and there was water flowing in my house and I couldn’t stop it. It was just pouring in. I felt like I was drowning, then I suddenly awoke in horror. I was gasping for air and looked around. There over a sleeping Miranda was a naked David on all fours. My heart jumped in my chest but I was so scared I couldn’t make a noise with my mouth. He immediately looked in my direction and jumped from Miranda’s bed to mine in one fast pounce. I guess it was my instinct but I just started kicking at him. He let out a low growl like an angry dog as I kicked preventing him from getting to me. I’m not sure how many times I kicked him but it was at least a few solid hits. He let out a loud roar and fled from our room in a flash, leaving the door open. I ran to the open door and looked outside. I couldn’t see him anywhere, I even looked up to the 2nd floor of the motel. It was like he disappeared in to the night air.
Miranda had just now woken up, asking what was going on. “It was him, the creepy guy from the club. I think he was trying to rape you.” She shuddered. “I was dreaming of him, he had the worst look on his face, all distorted.” She said. I locked the door and went to her. I held her close as both sobbed. We stayed in the motel until dawn. We stayed up all night watching TV and keeping watch in case David returned. I honestly think we encountered a Vampire that night. Maybe not a vampire like in the movies but a real one.
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