This happened about only a week ago. We were at my grandparents house for spring break. Their house has always sort of freaked me out, so I try to stay outside most of the time. I have cousins and friends who live near their house so sometimes I just have a sleepover with them. But there was one night where nobody could sleep over, so I had to sleep at my grandparents house. I could barely sleep, and I heard a distant but clear voice that whispered "Answer the door Zoe. You must do this." I had no idea what to think. I saw a tall figure outside the door that I thought was making the noise. I decided to just ignore it and try to go asleep. But the voice just kept coming back.

I had my phone so I texted my mom. For some reason, there was no wifi or cellular service. I locked the door quietly as possible and got back in bed. Then the voice got louder. "Cmon Zoe. Answer the door." I tried to block out the voice with my hand and a pillow. It just went straight through them. Suddenly, the shadow just disappeared. I got a random urge to walk down to my parents room. I had no idea where the figure went, and then I looked out and saw it's shadow creeping up the stairway. I told my mom about it, and she looked and said she saw nothing.

My dad was seeing the same thing I was, except it wasn't human figure for him. It was a lot smaller and seemed to have wings. Immediatly, the word Vampire rushed to my mind. I shut the door and locked it. My mom thought I was crazy, but then she heard footsteps even though no one else was here. Not even my grandparents were there at the moment. I knew we had to stay quiet, but my dad kept shuffling around. Suddenly, I realized something. There was a pantry in the room. I remembered from the day earlier there was garlic in it earlier. I picked it up and walked out. I heard a hissing sound downstairs.

The voice came back again. "Come on Zoe, hurry up!" What he said next sent a chill down my spine I will never forget. "I need my red ooze!". I still hear do it hissing outside. I signaled for my parents to come down with more garlic, and they did so. I saw a human figure from outside in the window look in it and its ugly face focused on mine. I jumped back when I was two large fangs the size of 6 inch nails sticking out of its mouth. It had completely black eyes and sharpened ears. I stumbled backwards and ran into a table.

I had no idea what to do now. It was knocking on the door when someone came downstairs that I will call Brady. He scared the living dayligs out of me and my parents and I pointed the garlic at him. He said, "why are you pointing garlic at me?" I heard the vampires voice again. "Oh, hello there Brady. Would you like to join me?" I swear he was going to open that door, but we stopped him. We said we needed to get good aim from the vampire with the garlic. This sounded very strange to Brady and I told him he needed to get a baseball bat and dads rifle. He went up stairs and got them, and he played baseball so he volunteered to use it.

We finally went outside. My mom and I stood back as my dad shot his rifle with a 720m silencer on it. That may sound very wierd, but it's just a bunch of sound mufflers. The vampire turned into a bat which also sounds strange, but it is true. Brady swung his baseball bat and hit the bat about 75 feet away. It went back to its human form and my dad shot it again hitting it right in the heart. I could've sworn this experience was just a dream, but I never woke up again until I fell asleep about 16 hours later. This story may sound fake, but it did happen and it is true. I told my friends about this and hey didn't believe me until my parents approved of it.

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