I was once home alone at my dad's house which always creeped me out in several ways it's structure, layout and just overall feeling it gave me. I hated the fact that I had to stay there on my own but I was suprisingly confident enough to do it so I did. My dad went to the train station to pick someone up and so I had to stay on my own for around 2 hours, considering the time was around 10pm and half way through November so nights were dark and often cold. My dad left and from that moment I had become some what paranoid about my surrounding but just tryed to focus on the film I was watching. There two sheds in the garden which was narrow and stretched along way down, both these sheds were pretty old but I would always hear odd noises at night loud bangs, scrapes and other mysterious sounds but I never thought on it much. Nothing happened that night until I heard a loud bang come from outside and it sounded like one of the sheds. I slowly and quietly crawled from the living room to a windows viewing the back garden and my stomach dropped, I could see a tall dark shadow stood in front of the forest looking around and slowly walking towards the house. I hid for a minute or so which felt like years, my heart racing I peeked at one of the windows down the hallway and saw the figure peering in, it saw me and darted away and off the property. I stayed hidden for a bit longer and heard nothing else. I never saw the figure again of have experienced anything that scary since and I'm glad, who or what that thing wanted I still have no idea but it still haunts me to this day.
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