It's was a warmer than usual winter day in 2007, my two friends and I were riding our bikes just outside of town, we were troublesome always going where we shouldn't.

We were right by the national guard artillery garrison in our town, across the street was an abandoned house, seemingly recently so. We decided to go check it out.

Once inside the house we were met with a strange sight, everything had been taken out of the house, save many empty and old pornography movie cases, drawings, and ripped up and slightly burned "call for a good time" phone books.

A little weirded out I decided to look around out back, there was a small silver bullet camper trailer stuffed full of the appliances and furniture of the house, like they planned to return for it.

Bored now with my friends obsessing over the drawings and pictures, I decided to take a walk through the woods.

After 2 or so minutes of walking my head starts to vibrate and feel very fuzzy, I turned around and I couldn't see the house. For some reason I don't feel threatened or in danger so I keep walking.

After a couple more minutes I come across a brand new looking barn, befuddled i walk inside. I am met with the visage of a creature reminiscent of bigfoot, yet it was not. It was large 8 foot or so with no hair and really saggy light gray skin, no discernable mouth, ears, or nose, having two tiny black dots for eyes.

When I walked into the barn it was knelt over a prone horse, yet there was no blood, I don't know what it was doing to that horse but as soon as I saw it, it stood up, turned around to face me and started to walk toward me.

Not waiting a second I turned tail and ran back to my friends who I proceeded to tell what I had just seen, they laughed at me and went to the back door to look. It was emerging from the woods, still just walking and no sound even though we should have heard the footfalls, we ran to our bikes and rode home in a matter of minutes. Years pass and I decided to google earth it and see how far the woods go behind the house as I was thinking of going back to confront my childhood fear as I still live here in the same town, however I discovered that contrary to what I saw, the woods only stretch for 20 yards and there was no sign of any building ever being there, especially a large red barn.

Now I have been listening and reading stories from darkness and dozens of other narrators and sites yet nothing has even come close, with the exception of a family claiming something took one of their cows I never talked to this family as I did not get along with their kids and now I don't know where they went. If anyone has anything to let me know please do my email is thank you for reading I can also relate more details my fingers just got tired
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