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It was a chilly early morning.
My spouse had a doctor's appointment and was called in by the nurse, in the meanwhile I waited in the waiting room.
I noticed l was the only one there, which seemed odd, as it's usually very busy in mornings.
But this was different...
Behind me, there was glass, so I could see what was going on in the hallway, where the CT Scan and MRI'S took place.
It was a separated section, attached to the hospital on the other side.
Out of the sudden, the lights in the CT Scan room, started flickering, there was no one in there.
I didn't think too much of it, I mean, it could just be a malfunction right?
I tried to pay it no attention, but in the corner of my eye, I saw figure coming out of the room.
There was no face, just a very dark figure, it startled me immediately.
The aura and vibe from this figure, seemed angry and scared.
When it went passed me, I peeked around the corner, at the very end of the building there were no doors, at least not in use, there used to be a door before, but it was turned into a wall and was painted.
The figure disappeared into that very wall.
I was very uncomfortable at this point, hoping my spouse would come back so we can get the heck out of there.
I went on my phone and tried to listen to some music to calm myself down, I didn't want to become a hospital patient..
The moment I started the video, there was a loud banging coming from where the door used to be..
It was so loud, I thought the wall was going to fall down.
I tried to tune it out, but started to feel sad, it felt as if the figure who I saw, was telling me she/he was trapped there and couldn't get out of the hospital.
Out of the sudden from the otherside of the building which how we arrived to the office, an old lady in her late 90's walked up to me and said: ''You saw him didn't you?''
She told me, there's a story of a man who died here, when this part of the hospital was still active, he was all alone and said he is stuck in the building.
My heart shattered.
She explained, he fell into a severe depression due to the sad fact he had no family or friends.
He wanted to escape the horror he was going through, he was hospitalized due to an issue with his heart, the man was in late 80's she explained.
The old lady explained, he wanted to be outside when he died but the nurses refused to do, she says.
She explained he got really angry as he had one wish and was denied to do so.
He became angry and found a way to end the suffering he went thru, he was found dead outside of his hospital bed trying to reach the door.
When I heard this, I felt a cold wind come over me, and was quite scared but more sad.
As soon as the lady was finished with her story, my spouse came out of the office.
I turned back to where the lady was standing and she was gone, there was no way, a lady her age could've went through a hallway so quickly without me seeing her in the middle or end of the hallway.
I never found out this man's nor the woman's name, so I can't do more research, before we left the office, I looked back to where the door used to be, and said ''Call out for God, He will help you find the peace you seek''
The time after we came back to this office, the nurses said, the hospital turned more peaceful and felt as if the man had moved on, to where he wanted to be.
Which made me smile.
Having an encounter with a spirit, isn't always a bad thing, it can also be a good learning experience, and a moment which will be memorized forever.
Thank you for reading my story. 🙂
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