Location: Silvis, Illinois 

This event took place in October of 2006; I work for the NRE or the National railroad equipment agency as a backup janitor when the normal one isn't available, I've seen some very weird things at the places I've cleaned. There's the occasional syringe needles, used condoms and beer cans, not that shocking after a while, but the most scariest thing I have ever seen was when I was called out to one of our train yards to clean out some disused locomotives.

These things hadn't been used since the mid 80's and were going to be sold for scrap as they were too battered to be refurbished. I was warned beforehand that there might be a homeless person in one of them, but I brushed it off since I had seen many homeless people at the various places I have cleaned and they usually just ran off when they saw me coming. So I picked up my bucket and got in the company truck to go out to the disused part of the train yard where the abandoned locomotives were, routine janitorial duties. As I am driving out there I notice that I left the keys to the locomotive cabs back at the office, oh well I figure, these things are so old that the door might not even be there anymore.

So I drive out to the  yard and park my truck and get out, nothing is creepy at this point, just some rotting diesel engines, besides I had seen much more creepy things before. Anyway I made my way up the side railing of the locomotive pilot and proceed to kick in the cab door with little force, it didn't even have a lock on the door, I walk in and I immediately notice something very odd, the inside of the cab was in near mint condition. Great I think, one less room to clean, but then I notice something very very disturbing, a skeleton perched against a wall. At first I thought it was an old Halloween decoration that some kid must've left as a prank or something, but then I notice that it's wearing a leather jacket and clutching a pill bottle in its bony hands, that's when I realized that what I was looking at wasn't an ordinary Halloween decoration but rather a dead corpse of a man.

I slowly walked a bit closer and grabbed the pill bottle from the bony hand. The prescription date was 10/96, this guy had been rotting in one of the locomotives for ten years and nobody, not even an employee had noticed his absence. I pressed the button on my radio and told dispatch to call 911. About five minutes later a rail-cop car pulls up and an off duty cop steps out and walks up to the locomotive cab. Long story short, it turns out that this man had been missing since 1996 and nobody cared enough to look for him. He was an elderly man who lost his wife and overdosed himself in one of the locomotives and laid there for 10 years and was somehow never found. To this day I will never look at trains the same way ever again.
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