I’m a twenty-six year old female, and this happened a decade ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.
A little information first: When I was thirteen, I was 5 foot 10 inches tall and was often mistaken for at least sixteen years old. At the time, I had lived with my uncle, we'll call him Jared, his wife, two daughters, and my grandma. Jared started his own business as a pool and spa man, which includes repairs and cleaning, as well as lifting heavy chemicals and other supplies for his business. He is very good at his job, and just one of those guys that people generally like and get along with.

We live in Southern California in a nice area, and many rich people live here because the weather is usually sunny and rarely gets more than about 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long, despite changing seasons. So naturally, he has quite a few costumers that are pretty wealthy.

One of these customers, a middle aged woman, invited my uncle to attend a huge Halloween party she was hosting at her house, and told him that he and his family were welcomed as guests. You see, my uncle was, and still is to this day, a huge fan of Halloween as well as a fan of scaring people. That was something we’ve always had in common. So when he heard she was going to have a haunted maze in her avocado orchard, he took her up on her offer, and invited me as well. Though I'm not a party-loving person, I didn't hesitate in saying yes when he said I would be working the haunted orchard with him.

The party was fun, and they had good catered food, but I mostly stuck to my family members, and tried my best to enjoy the party. But I was much more excited about working the maze.

About an hour before the maze opened up, my uncle and I went to go and get ready in our costumes. He went to one of the vacant parts of her huge house, while I went to get ready in the guest house.

My job was to be more of a distraction for the people to pass by in the maze. I was dressed in a shorter Victorian Era dress with fake stage blood that covered my body and clothes, and had it looking like I was hanging by a noose from one of the orchard trees. The plan was that small groups would go into the maze at a time, and I was to be still, and draw people’s sights away from Jared, who dress as Michael Meyers with an actual chainsaw, and was right across the path from me, hidden in the shadows. He would then rev up the chainsaw, and people would run screaming while he chased them down the path. Half an hour into the job, and everything went without a hitch. But that didn’t last.

I heard some loud talking down the dark path, so I got back into character, amused by people's drunken terrified screams. I could hear about five different voices, all of them men. Their words were slurred so I assumed they had been drinking. The hostess had served alcohol at the party, so I didn’t think twice on it. A lot of people drank before going into the maze. I had an uneasy feeling growing in my gut, but I completely ignored it. After all, I was a naive thirteen year old girl who thought she would be safe at a private party. I remember thinking that my uncle had been near by, so I wasn't all too worried.

“Well, lookie there,” one of them said, and I heard some of them laugh and make cat-calls. “She’s a cutie, huh?”
I remember my breath freezing in my chest, and my uneasiness returned. I was the only person visible, so I knew they were talking about me. I tried to look out into the dark, but couldn't see anyone do to a spotlight that was shining on me from my feet. It wasn't until they were about fifteen feet away did I finally see outlines of the men.

“Wow, she is,” another man said as they walked closer to me. I was past the point of uneasy and just scared, so much so that I completely froze in fear. Though taller than most, I was still only a kid, and all five of these men were about my height or taller. There was no way to fight off or run from them.

The men approached me, and I remember them completely reeked of booze. Only one or two guys’ faces were half illuminated by the spot light, the other faces were at an angle where they were completely black from the shadow, and I remember cursing the spot light for shining directly in my face.

“Hey there, baby,” one of them said, getting closer to me. He was literally only inches from me as he and another guy reached out their hands to touch me. “How about we leave this place and go have some fun instead?”

“Get away from me,” I remember saying, finally finding my voice.

“Aww, baby, don’t be like that,” he dragged out. By this point, his other friends were surrounding me to where I was blocked off completely. I looked past them to my uncle's area, but didn’t see him anywhere. He must have chased the last group further down the path. I was completely alone.

The man had reached toward my chest area, touching me, and I slapped his hand away as hard as I could. “I said get away from me!” My heart beat so loud and fast in my ears, and I turned and tried pushing past them so I could run down the path and find Jared, but their bodies made a wall to keep me from leaving.

"What's the matter? Are we not good enough for you?!" One of the men said, taking hold of my arm. I pulled against his grasp to try and run, and I mentally prepared for the worst, and I remember taking in a deep breath to scream, hoping that someone would take it as an actual sign that I was in trouble, and not just another person who was being chased in the labyrinth.

Then, suddenly, I heard the beginning rev of a chainsaw, and all the men looked off to the darkness where my uncle’s figure as Michael Meyers appeared in the reflecting glow from my spot light.
I had never been so grateful to see a serial killer icon in my life.
“What the hell are you doing with my niece?!” he demanded, rapidly stepping closer to them.

I remember being so relieved to the point of almost crying, but I stopped myself.
From the look on these men’s faces, this was 6'4 tall man who was strongly built (do to his job that he worked six-to-seven days a week), dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, a Michael mask, and a very real chainsaw in his hands. Translation, someone who could easily mess them up for messing with his niece.

The group of men started to back away from me, and one guy smiled nervously and said, “Hey man, it’s cool, we were just leaving.” The creepy guy turned to me, and he said with this eerie and disturbing smile: “See ya later, baby,” he muttered, his hand brushing lightly over my stomach. I froze again, chills running up and down my spine, and the men ran off down the path, and my uncle cussing them out and threatening to call the cops as they scurried off faster. He would have ran after them and probably would have done something drastic if I hadn't ran over into Jared's arms and began to cry.
I was shaking violently as the high of adrenaline wore off. I remember him hugging me, then pulling out his cellphone to call my grandma.

She arrived, and all three of us went to go and find the hostess to tell her what happened. Sadly, I don't think she was able to do anything, do to me only being able to give vague descriptions of the guys since they were mostly in shadow. And if she did, I certainly didn't hear anything about it.

Even to this day, I can't help but think what could have happened to me that night if Jared hadn't shown up when he did.

There's been a couple of times where the lady has thrown more Halloween parties, and I still go and work for the haunted maze, but I am never in direct view anymore, and will actively partake in scaring the people. I have yet to be harassed like that ever again while working there. Especially since I found out my true scare tactic: crawling like a fast-moving Grudge toward people.

So I have 3 pieces of advice to anyone who works in a haunted attraction of sorts:

1. Just because you work there, doesnt mean people won't start trouble for you. Even if it's a private event.

2. Always be close to another worker, just in case something happens.

And 3. Always be aware of your surroundings. Just because you're the one doing to scaring, doesnt mean that you won't be the one with traumatic event by the end of the night.
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Reba Petro
I'm glad there was someone there for you. And thanks for the 3 sings too.
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