Hello, I am Sebastian. I must tell you about the time I was almost killed. This world still has yet to be fully explored and I need people to hear about the time I was almost killed by a werewolf. or so I thought... it started as a normal day, although it was the last day of school so summer was right around the corner. My parents went out of town for a nice night out, and it was just me and my sister. I was 10 at the time and my sister was 20. We decided to go out for ice cream. Me and my parents didn’t live far from town, but if we were going, we would have to go through a small but dense forest. My parents only had one car since my mom worked from home, so me and my sister had to walk.

In the middle of the walk, about 5 minutes in, me and my sister decided to play I spy. So my sister gave me the honor of starting. It was at this time that I just noticed the werewolf, but I didn’t know what it was just yet. It was hiding behind the bushes and I only saw it’s back and ears. Now, I’ll have you know that me and my sister are fans of the supernatural. We are fans of werewolves and vampires and much more. But my sister dropped her mouth when she saw it. She whispered to me “Run!” I didn’t understand but then before I knew it I heard loud thuds getting louder. We only had 10 minutes left to walk but it then only took 3 minutes since me and my sister were basically running, trampling over each other. But then, this next part is the part I almost died. Get ready for this, the monster leaped and me. But I had no idea, good thing my sister did. She grabbed my by the arm and yanked me forward, just as she did that, I jumped so I flew forward even more, just as I landed I felt a little something shaped touch my back, but it didn’t pierce my skin she pressured it. Then before we knew, me and my sister where in town. Then, the beast just stopped dead in its tracks. Me and my sister looked and it and I got a clear view. I almost passed out when I saw what it was, it was like a huge wolf, but with a mans body. At this time, one word came to my mind, “Werewolf”. Me and my sister ran to the ice cream shop which was still open. Then there we had ice cream and my sister called our parents to come pick us up. Then, 12 or so minutes later our parents came. That was the last me and my sister ever saw of that werewolf. And I have to say I’m glad about that, I still have nightmares about the werewolf even today, it still haunts me to this day. And I’m 14 now, and going to be 15 soon, I still cant get any sleep to this day, knowing that werewolf is still in those woods, waiting to claim me as it’s dinner one day.
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