My name is cori, I live in ogden Utah, this took place just a little south of that. About a year ago I was hanging out with some of my friends, I was at a youth activity for my church, and our bishop wanted us to go to a park to play night games.

After a couple hours of fun, it was time for us all to leave, and before I left, I had to use the restroom. As I walked toward the door, I gave it a yank only to discover it was locked. So, as any young man would do, I made the best of the scenario, and went to the side of the building. Just as I was about to zip up, the motion lights across the building turned on, and I knew I didn’t set them off because I was across the building. What I saw under the light was the most disturbing thing: a tall, slender creature about 3/4ths the way up the tall light.

As I stared at this creature, I noticed its eyes, or lack of. Where I assumed it’s eyes to be, were black pits. I couldn’t move due to shock, fear, and curiosity. The creature beckoned me toward it, yet it didn’t seem like it wanted to move toward me, rather it wanted me to go to it, at this point, after I was done pissing myself for a second time due to fear, I was able to move.

I turned and ran as fast as I could, making my way back to my friends’ car. They saw I was visibly upset as I slammed the door, demanding we leave the park as soon as possible. Once we were back at the church, they attempted to calm me down unsuccessfully. So they decided to take my to my parents, who stayed up with me the entire night as I cried.

All I know is, if that light didn’t turn on, that thing would’ve gotten me.

- Stickman Sighting

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Short, but super creepy. 
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