So I’ve been listening to you for awhile and I decided I wanted to share some of my paranormal stories with you. 

For context I’m a girl from a four child broken home. My siblings are all older than me and after the divorce all three of them got heavily into drugs.

throughout my life I have always been more sensitive to the paranormal. From the ghost in my closet as a child to whatever thing scared the crap out of my cat in my basement when I was 14, if it was in my house I knew about it. But somewhere along the way I began to notice something else following my siblings. 

It was just a dark shadow for the most part, hanging behind corners when my siblings entered rooms, and following them out when they left. It lessened it’s presence when my mom got enough money to send my two eldest siblings off the rehab for their problem.

around when I was 15 or so, my closest sister in age was getting heavily addicted on heroin but I didn’t know that until a week after the event. 

She was studying at the kitchen table while I was cooking dinner, I turned to grab the salad out of the fridge and as I turned back I glanced at my sister. It was just a quick glance over but I finally saw it and it wasn’t a shadow this time. 

It was this hollow eyed girl, no mouth with sickly grey skin and black draping hair. It was sitting right next to my sister and it was just staring at her. It’s nose couldn’t have been more than an inch away from her, just staring in wrapped attention. 

I screamed, dropping the bowl in my hands. My sister jumped and looked up at me like I was crazy but I had never seen something like that before, I was shaken to my core. 

I told her what I saw and she just laughed and joked “damn maybe you just foresaw my death!” My sister ended the conversation with that. We ate dinner and didn’t talk about that again. 

Until a week later. I woke up around two or three in the morning for no reason, at first I was irritated because I had school in a few hours and didn’t want to lose any sleep but then I looked over to my sisters bed to see she wasn’t  there. It was normal for her to sneak out as a hell raising 17 year old but she wasn’t normally out this late. 

When I looked around I thought I saw her, pacing the hallway, so I went back to sleep. The next morning my mother was crying and I found out my sister never came home that night. My other two siblings were in rehab so it couldn’t have been them pacing the hallway. I remember feeling a shiver up my spine as my mom began calling hospitals to see if she got checked in before we would call the police. 

We found my sister a few days later. She had somehow gotten locked into a windowless room in an abandoned building downtown while high on heroin, her friends hadn’t even remembered she was with them when they all headed home. She had gone through the hell or withdrawal while alone in that room without food, water, or medical attention. 

It was a miracle she was even alive, after two days in that room she regained herself enough to call the personal line of a police officer that had gotten close to my family. They got her to a hospital and stabilized her, after that she never touched any sort of drugs again, and I also never saw that thing again. The shadow never returned, I don’t know if it was the physical representation of her addiction, a demon, a reaper, or even some kind of Guardian angel but whatever it was I don’t care. I’m just glad it never had to come back. 

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Reba Petro
Your sister was very lucky. I'm glad she no longer uses drugs.🙏🙂
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She was very lucky, I am very happy ever day that she’s still apart of my life and is clean. 
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