I'm not what many people call "afraid" or "normal". I've been looking for the paranormal all of my life and I've always been interested in creepy things. I never saw or felt anything out of the usual for the most of my life, not until last year at least. I've been living in the same house for the past 7 years. My house is two stories tall and I live with 2 dogs and my roommate. Everything was going well until last year in December. I had to move rooms from upstairs to the basement dew to my bad sleeping habits. I never liked going down stairs to use the laundry or to feed my roommates cat but I knew that moving downstairs was a good idea because I couldn't keep waking my mom up at 4 in the morning because I couldn't sleep. Everything was fine moving down there and the first week went well, I had my own TV and had just gotten a laptop so I could edit on my free time. I was very exited that I had my own room and space but something didn't feel right. That feeling was correct. At 1 a.m I was watching Netflix and righting a paper for school when I started hearing a loud ringing coming from the living room. The only way I can explain the ringing is like when a bomb goes off in a movie. The ringing was so loud I thought I would go def and the worst part about it was it was getting louder. I knew it wasn't the TV, I turned it off. I was in the living room which was right outside my door. I opened my door hoping and praying that it was my roommate making the noise. Suddenly the moment the door opened I saw a bright yellow light coming from the window. In a random burst of energy I opened the curtains looking for the source of the light when I was thrown back by the window bursting. Shards of glass were thrown into my stomach and arm. I lie on the ground trying to catch my breath and trying to pull the glass out of my arm when I noised that both of my dogs were asleep and didn't hear the ringing or see the light. Both the ringing and the light were gone! I was still in the living room when I herd my TV turn on. I tried to walk to the room but the glass in my stomach hurt to much. I crawled into my room, grabbed my phone to call my roommate and saw that it was bugging out. 11:11, 11:11, 11:11. The time was 1:23 on all of the other clocks but on my phone. The time/date on my phone was 11:11 September 1987. It was 2016 wen this happened so it took me by surprise. My roommate and I both have been experiencing things afterward. My dogs barking at nothing, Screaming coming from nowhere, doors opening and closing on their own, and our cameras and tvs turning on when nobody is around. I still have no idea what happened but I know that there are things that can't be explained.
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