Before I start telling this story, I need to point out a couple of things. First, this isn't my story. This experience happened to my friend, whose name I was given permission to use for this story, as my own experiences were not as exciting as his. Second, I will be telling this story from point of view, since I was not there on this particular night. 

My name is Tate. I'm nineteen, and I'm from a small town in Kentucky. I was with my friend when this happened, and we were going to his house, so he could grab some close to stay the night. He had gone through a rough breakup recently, and didn't want to take the normal way, because he didn't want to pass his ex's house, so we decided to take a back road called "Snake Lick". Keep in mind it was around two to three in the morning at this time, and these roads are extremely curvy, so you have to drive slow as to not wreck.

We had just gotten off highway twenty-seven, and turned onto Snake Lick. As soon as we turned on the road, we had passed a dead tree. That was when my friend and I heard something hit the roof of the truck. 
"Did you hear that? " My friend asked me. I said yes, and asked him what it was. He just shrugged, so we rolled up the windows.

That was when we started to hear scratching, and pounding coming from where the thing had landed. I began to freak out, and slammed on the gas. I was going around fifty to sixty, despite how curvy the road was, but the thing just stayed on, and continued scratching, and pounding on the roof. 
It continued this, until I took a curve wrong, and slid out. Luckily, I didn't hit anything, and neither me or my friend were harmed. When we got to his house, we looked at the roof.

There, we found scratch marks, and a small hand print. A hand print too small to be either of ours. After I told my friend about this, he began doing some research. Apparently there have been some reports of skinwalker type creatures in those woods by Snake Lick. When I calmed down, and began thinking about the situation, I remember that there was an old brick building, built in the side of the hill. Some people have said that there were babies buried in the walls.

To this day, I still have no idea if it was the ghost of a baby, a skinwalker, or just our minds playing tricks on us at such a late hour, but I hope to never experience anything like that again.
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