This happened when I was 9 years old I have 2 brothers my older brother is 3 years older and my younger brother is 3 years younger my parents had left us home alone i lived in a settlement and the closet house was 1 kilometer away it is very isolated and I hated it my house was so creepy too would hear things all night sounds coming from the basement and attic I used to always sleep with the light on anyways on this night my parents left to go to a friend's place and have drinks so we were left alone so me and my brothers were watching TV and we all of sudden we can hear this loud banging we all looked at each other wondering what that could be we all decided we should find where that noise is coming from so we all went to the front door we all peeked outside and by the tree line we had a tractor must of been like 30 feet away from the house and there was a thing jumping up and down we slammed the door and locked it freaked out we ran in to the kitchen looked at each other wondering what we just saw than all of sudden we heard it sound like it jumped off the tractor and ran up there was knocking at the door we started freaking out next thing you know we hear a voice "let me in there's something out here it's jonathan!!!" We unlocked the door and slammed it shut we asked him what did he see? He said he could hear the banging from next door so he thought he'd come see what was going on and as soon as he walked up the driveway he can see this thing jumping on the tractor as soon as the light from the yard light hit him that thing jumped off the tractor taking trees down as it we all sat there drawing what we saw it was furry probably 6 ft tell had horns we thought it was the wendigo creepy I hated that house so many creepy stories there I once heard my house was built on a Indian burial ground and not too far from where we lived there was a wendigo that doctor that went crazy and ate his patients ya some creepy stuff in this part of Alberta so glad I live in a town and not the Bush anymore I have so many to tell maybe i will submit some more but I looooooooooove darkness prevails I listen to it daily a story here and there creep myself out sometimes aha 
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I sent you a PM regarding the rules and I'm going to go ahead and move this to the appropriate category since it isn't so much a general discussion, but a definite Mysterious Creature encounter!
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown."
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