(This story is long sorry) This story occurred in parkersburg west virginia. Even though I was originally born in charleston. I moved to parkersburg when I was 3 years old. I was raised in an isolated area in the moutains. West virginia is known for its scary monsters and the well known moth man.

I am here to tell you about a new type of creature, one never seen to the human eye. I was 8 years old when this happened. I was outside playing with my german sheperd. I vividly remember it being a nice fall day all the leaves were golden and the trees where beginning to lose their leaves. Every step I could hear the leaves crunching below me.

As I said I live in an isolated area in the mountains so my family would have to drive about 30 minutes to town if they wanted groceries or just to take me to school. It was evening so I was bored just running around throwing sticks as my dog attempted to go get them. I always loved the outdoors from a young age but this event almost changed it for me.

As I was messing around throwing sticks I noticed a stream heading down the mountain I went over to it and my dog soon followed. I SAT down on a nearby rock and looked up, I could tell it would be dark soon.

I then heard a twig snap on the other side of the stream I looked over to see a small squirrel just looking at  me  and my dog barked and foolishly ran across the stream splashing me in the process. I ran after him but soon lost him. I looked around me and soon found that I was indeed lost. I had an uneasy feeling and I just wanted to be home. I tried to retrace my steps but I could not seem to find my way back.

Every second that uneasy feeling would multiply.

I looked around until I found what was giving me that feeling. Until this day I still regret looking that way. What I saw looked to be around 8 feet tall.

It was skinny and had a weird face it was like the face of a bear but it wasn’t.The thing had patches of brown fur but it looked like it had gotten in a fight with something. It had long ARMS. And that stench that came off that thing was insane. I stumbled backwards and I was just in shock. It seemed like that thing was just as scared as I was as it went on it’s four legs and scurried off. It sure did remind me of a grizzly bear. But I’m not sure we have grizzly bears in west virginia only black bears I believe.

And if it was why would it act like that.  The thing I encountered made no noise it was silent I don’t know why. I just SAT there pondering on what I saw. I finally got the nerve to get up but my legs were so shaky and I was so paranoid.

I looked behind me every minute. I tried to run but I had no sense of direction I just wanted to run and I did. I eventually reached road. It was the same road that led to my house so I followed it. As I reached almost half way up the road my heart sank as I remember I didn’t know where my dog was. I tried to think of an excuse on what to tell my parents but what would they think. I walked in to my house and went directly to my bedroom.

I didn’t come out that evening at all. I eventually fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with that same feeling. I heard knocking at my window. I was frozen with fear as I felt cold tear drops fall down my cheeks. I was horrified. As the next day drew around my dog some how found his was back I was so relieved but I could tell he was not the same.

After that day I haven’t  been to those same wood ever again. I have been to scared to even know as I’m 38 I am just to paranoid. Just to paranoid.
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