A little while ago my friend, who I will refer to as Mix, and I were exploring the woods near my house, we both felt very off when we would enter these woods, so we decided to do a test someone told us about a while ago.

We brought two compasses, placed them far enough that they wouldn't interfere with each other, the one on the right pointed diagonally to the left and the one on the left pointed diagonally to the right, so that if you drew a line from them the would meet a few feet away.
We looked at each other and picked up the compasses, as we looked up we both noticed a shadow around thirty feet away, we joked a little about it and looked back up to find that it had moved closer.

We brushed it off and continued onward, I mean, we were in the woods and there are shadows around, so it felt normal to us. Then as we walked deeper into the woods we heard a dog barking, it sounded like it was in the middle of the woods, so we drew our knives and began walking at a faster pace to find this dog. We knew that these woods were owned by someone but there wasn't ever anything built in them, so a dog barking had never happened before.

As we got closer to where we thought the dog was it would bark again, every time it barked it got further away. We decided to stop and look at out surroundings, that's when we heard footsteps, but each step was in a new area, if the first step was in front of us the next would be behind us.
It did this until it walked around us in a circle. As we both got our hearts to calm down we heard a twig snap right behind us, turning around we saw nothing, but we knew that something was watching us.

We decided to head back to my house and right as we started walking we heard footsteps again, now we decided to run. Each time we sped up, the footsteps would speed up as well. After we got out of the woods I looked back and saw a shadow the size of a man, there was no face, only shadow.
This wasn't the first time either of us had seen this thing, but it was the last time we saw it.

A few months later Mix began seeing things from years ago, things that only him and I knew of, and he heard a dog barking in the distance, it wasn't a normal bark, but a distorted bark like the one we heard in the woods. We don't know what was in those woods but we know that nothing is normal in those woods.
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