So me and my friend we will call Tom, we’re searching these abandon corn fields at his house.
He said that he had heard noises like growling and small then big footsteps. As I was curious, I wanted to check out the fields.

About 1 hour in it started to get dark my friend Tom said, "Don’t worry."
As he took out a flash light.
We were walking for about 2 hours when I saw a dog-like creature.

It had black fur some shaved off and blood cuts. My friend dropped his flashlight and I told him to shut up, and I pulled him to a broken tree we waited and waited.

Finally I smelt a smell kind of like trash and a year old open can of spaghetti. I wondered what it was so I looked up and I can’t forget what I saw.

A eye was staring right at us. I screamed and it started ripping my leg and tearing my flesh. I screamed and that’s when it all went black.

I woke up in my friends room he said he stabbed the thing with his pocket knife and it ran away then his mom came calling our names and found us.

To this day I wonder what would have happened if my friend were to not have came with me.
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