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So bare with me I know for a fact no one will believe this one. And to be honest I do wonder myself often enough if I am crazy or some shit like that. And given what I dream of I'm not surprised. But those are stories for another time. But I will say this, I won't blame you if you don't believe me, but I was there and I know this happened.

So there is this park in the states called Glen Park. Mind you where I live is further north of the U.S. and since this is a smaller county, no one really believes in the supernatural and are all God fearing folk.
This I am not for sure. Don't get me wrong it's not that I'm dissing religion, I just don't believe in that. I more believe in herbal healing and feeling the connection with the earth. And this is where it leads in with the story.
Back in highschool when I hung out with an old friend of mine, let's call her Clair.
Clair and I were practicing witches. Her more so. She was considered a black witch, dark magic and whatnot. I believed in healing and the power of three. And I still do today. Basically I believe that whatever you do, comes back by the force of 3. So if you put out bad energy and wishes, that's all you will get back. So I would warn Clair about this crap she was doing, but she never listened. She would actually draw inverted pentagrams in the forest with chicken blood or her own, using black candles to summon something. She really wanted something to happen. And a part of me did want to see something, but without having to do bad to actually see something.
This is where it gets interesting.
One night, about a month after I had moved in with her due to some issues at home, we had decided to take a walk over down the town at night. Mind you, the area in which we live doesn't see a lot of trouble. Like I said earlier, small county, means less issues.
The only real problem this town had was some kids vandalising the park. The same park we we're heading to, for old times sake ya know?
I haven't been there since we were very young and I wanted to see it again and it was a beautiful February night.
We took a different way there though, the back road behind the Dairy Queen by the apartment complexes. We came to the entrance of this bridge that lead into the park. This bridge is a bit of a landmark but if I were to say it's name then someone may know exactly where. And I rather not say because this area is dangerous. And you don't wanna go here, trust me.

The bridge was old, but very sturdy. It was a cable bridge so if you had a group of friends and jumped up and down on the bridge you could move it. But two people both of them rather small can't move this thing. Trust me we tried to. The night was rather good for February. Still a bit chilly but what bothered me was how dark it was. And I'm not too fond of the dark due to an incident when I was a kid, so I clung to my friend. We were just talking when we we're heading across. But when we both were watching ahead of us we saw something odd. Along the path of the park across the way there is a line of street lamps. The kind that produce the yellow light that is somewhat faded. Further up the path we saw something moving. And as it moved the street light it was passing would go out. Just pop. Not break, just go out suddenly!
It got further down the path and stopped at the end of the bridge where the other entrance was, the same entrance we we're heading to as our exit.
The large figure was clear, but the scenery moved around it like an iridescent reflection. Almost like it was made of some sort of energy. And what was even more frightening about it was the sheer size of it. The archway where it stood was about ten feet tall. And where it's head was, was just beneath the  cement arch.
Both of us were speechless, frozen and scared out of our wits. Or at least I was. I couldn't take my eyes off of this thing. I wasn't sure how long I was staring at it for but it stepped forward and as it did it's one foot alone shook the bridge we stood on. By this point I heard Clair bolt away and run leaving me there.
By this point I was frozen solid, I couldn't move I was so scared. But yet I wasn't scared of it. More shocked that I was seeing what I saw. But that was then I felt a hand on my wrist and I was pulled back into what was going on. Clair had grabbed me and forced me to run back.
But as we did run the bridge shook and we heard a low hollow roar coming after us.
We ran and ran until we went past the DQ and back onto the main road where there were street lights again. Clair let go of my hand and continued to stomp off back home.

By the time we reached her house I had asked a few times why she was so pissed and she turned around and yelled "You almost got me killed!"
I didn't say much but I was more insulted that she was only worried about herself. The only thing I did do was head down to the basement where I stayed.
I stayed up wondering why I wasn't afraid of it and more so stunned by what I was seeing was real.
But the feelings I felt as I stood there looking at it was more so this:
I wasn't afraid of it because I didn't do anything wrong. And it didn't want me.
No it was more angry when it saw Clair and not me.

It's been seven years since then. And I'm still practicing healing and the power of 3. And since that encounter I learned something:
There are creatures and beings in this world that we have yet to begin to understand. Nor will we ever. But the only thing we can do is respect their space, and respect the energy around us. Never disrupt the balance, or it will remove those that do.
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Aria Yager DemonicFreak
Also just to clarify something so people don't get the wrong idea:

We didn't summon this thing, at least not to our knowledge. It just appeared to us. 
Now it is possible the friend in question left an open portal. But I doubt it. I'm not sure what it could be but I am open to suggestions.
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