So, this all began on a Friday night, when i was on my phone, whatching all sorts of things, and i started whatching my most favorite story telling youtuber, Darkness Prevails, and i started seeing things, so i turned on my light to make me feel better, then i suddenly heard tapping, i brushed it off, thinking it was just the wind blowing sand at my window, so i put some headphones on and the tapping stopped, so i took them off. Then, again i heard the tapping, but this time, it was way louder, so i checked out, only to see nothing. So again, i brushed it off. Now i was a little bit paranoid, so i read a book while my phone was on the window still, recording, so i heard the tapping again, i looked, then saw nothing. I checked my phone, then i ran to the restroom and locked it. What i saw, was now glued to my head forever. What i saw, was a man, looked like his mid 50's, tapping on the window, and he had the most creepiest smile, and i called the cops, and they found no trace of him. They had never caught him, leaving me shakened to the bone, to this day. I always wondered what he wanted, and what his intentions were. I moved. now, i live in new mexico, hoping he hasnt followed me.
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