To begin this story, this is not my experience rather than a group experience that consisted of a couple of youth members and a youth leader (let's call him E) from our church, my little brother included. In August 2019, several youth ministries from our denomination of church got together at a camp located near Santa Barbara. We were there for three days and on the second night, we had a campfire. After it ended, my friends and I went with the youth leader and his cabin kids to their cabin. It was nearer to the campfire area than our was. We told a couple of spooky stories and my group left to our cabin. We eat a small meal and go to sleep.

rancho-oso-santa-barbara-ca-map.jpg   The next morning at breakfast time, we heard one of the female leader (let's call her A) from our church told us if we heard what happened last night. I guess she was told by the wife of E who told her that earlier in the morning. Anyways, for breakfast we were sitting together and A told us a bit about the experience. So E and his cabin kids had a youth from a different cabin and it was already 2 A.M., so they had to walk him back to his cabin which was by the campfire. To paint you a picture, E's cabin was right next to the STOP sign/STAR locator by the tree. They had to walk the road to reach the Western Cabins. In this road, there were no lamps nor light posts and they had to carry flashlights with them. Right by the RV Storage there is a grove of trees and after passing by it, E felt like a negative energy and everyone froze. The kids were the first to turn around and they all gasped. E turns around and what he saw appeared to be a shadow 10 feet tall and it did not move an inch. Everyone screamed and ran towards the Western Cabins from the road between the Horse Pastures/More Boarder Pasture. They didn't stop running until they reached the cabin of the youth they were returning. After dropping him off, E's group hesitantly walked back but didn't experience anything else. Back at their cabin, they were unable to fall back asleep and were up ready on Sunday morning before anyone else. E and his youth told us afterwards and that's all.
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