This event was vivid as ever and happened on New Year's day in 1996,

My mum told me this story a long while ago and I've never since really had the time to post it online anywhere to share. It happened on December 31st and going into January 1st of 1996. My dad, my mum, my auntie, her husband and her four year old son were all sat in my dad's car on their way home from a family visit in Birmingham, England for New Year. My mum said it was past 1 am and the motorway was deserted, no cars were there on the M62. She said it was expected because New Year's day just finished and people were probably still drinking their faces off and seeing relatives and friends till late like they were. She said the dark night was cold and extremely foggy. She said that about 40 minutes left away from home my dad suddenly brought up the fact that the car started slowing down, he said it wouldn't go any faster. Everybody in the car debated about this for a few moments but eventually just told my dad to keep driving, it should be fine and was nothing too serious after all as long as the car kept driving.

So, next, the car was still going quite slow around 40 miles an hour my mum said, but the motorway recommended speed is 60 - 70 mph. They were talking about normal things, useless chit-chat. My mum was sat in the back on right hand side where the right door window seat is. She said that as they were talking she saw a woman walking on the hard shoulder on the far edge of the road. The hard shoulder is the small road where you're supposed to pull up to if your car breaks down. Anyway, she saw this woman walking the opposite way. She believed it was a woman because the frame of the person looked like a female. Immediately as she saw her walk past, she caught every detail of this person. 

My mum said she was of average height, about 5 foot and a half with a trench coat on that went to her knees. She had long boots on and her trench coat collar was pulled up and unravelled. The woman was looking straight down at the ground but because of the collar, it appeared the woman had no head. My mum believed she didn't have a head because she would've seen the top of her head as she walked past. She doesn't really know for sure though. My mum could see by the way her frame was, that she had her stare straight down at the ground just walking by confidently as if in her own world with nothing to worry about. This struck my mum with complete oddity because it was completely random and bizarre how the woman appeared to have no head and that she was walking in this fog so casually. 

That's the thing my mum remembered the most, how casually and brisk the woman was walking. It creeped her the F out. As soon as she saw it she was taken aback, she watched the woman go by and then kept looking out of the window, and then she looked around briefly in the car and noticed that everybody else had the same worried expression on their face apart from my dad who was fixated on driving, hoping that the car wouldn't break down. Then after the creepiest moment of silence that lasted about 2 minutes, my mum said,

"If that woman was walking on the hardshoulder like that, then where the heck is her car?"

My aunt replied, "Yeah, I thought they broke down but now you mention it, there isn't a car anywhere."

This just freaked everyone out even more and then my dad got involved asking what the hell just happened. Everybody was crapping bricks at this point and tried to make out any rational explanation as to what they saw, but the truth and evidence was in front of them and they even made sure to check further up if there were any cars, but there wasn't. My mum also mentioned how scarily and unusual the woman was dressed and then my aunt agreed saying she saw everything too. Her husband was speechless because like my mum, didn't see any cars nearby or in front.

A few moments later after everyone was trying to make sense of this, a car came driving by going faster than my dad to the left. There was a person with the driver in the passenger seat with the most creeped out face like the driver, they were both really scared and were shouting inaudibly after rolling their windows down. They were also gesturing with their hands as if to say there's somthing really effed up back there. After about a few short seconds everyone in my dad's car figured out they were saying,

"Get the f*** out of here! Go! Go!"

Then they carried on, speeding off into night without waiting for anyone. After that, everyone in the car was telling my dad to floor it. Just as soon as they did my dad kept pressing on the accelorator and then the car began to pick up speed quickly. Nobody looked back, they were just too scared and wanted to get the hell out of there. They thankfully made it home safely with no incidents.

And when everyone was telling my dad's older brother at home about what just happened, he insited on grabbing his camera and going back, so he could film the thing they saw. My mum told him off a little saying that's a ridiculous idea and remembers how silly it sounded. She knew and everyone else did too that there was no going back there on that day no matter what. 

And as she was telling me this story she told me that no matter how many scary or freaky sotries you hear, if someone really experienced something real, you'll notice their story never changes.

And I of course notice, no matter how many times I tell my mum to tell me this story. It never changes. Not a single detail.
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