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Hi it me again the one who shared the story about the cat creature my parents saw. I have seen some strange stuff on my block. Of course they are reasonable explanations for all of they but I figured I could share it. There are three small stories I’ll be sharing. The first one happened six or seven days ago. It was 8 or 9 pm I was riding my bike around.

I know it’s strange to ride your bike so late but I don’t like riding near  people and the neighbors or their kids are almost always out during the day so the Night is perfect for me not to mention I’m a night owl. The road  that is in front of my house goes down to the next block and then it ends and you can see a field. The rest of my block is unimportant to the stories. I had stop in front of my driveway and was looking Head on down the road and I swear to God I saw something dart across the road fast.

It was 2 or 3 feet tall and a darker Color than the shadows it was definitely running on two legs and it looked like it was wearing a cloak. Now remember I was looking at it head-on it was not a out of the corner of my eye thing.

Keep in mind I do scare somewhat easily, listening to scary stories don’t really get me scared but seeing things or being startled does. I was going to ride the bike around the block again but I was to scared to do so. I walk my bike to the garage and went back inside. The new two stories happened last night. Me,my father,and my Little brother who we’ll call L had gotten back from a late night drive around the country side. The boys were in the garage opening boxes and I was walking around in the middle of the road. I was doing so because I’d like to tell stories and I need to move to really get creative. I noted the fact my father with inside but my younger brother we’re still out.

I looked up and saw something in sky it looked like airplane lights but I could see almost round outline around it and noticed there was another one. Suddenly a loud growling,gurgling like noise Scared the living daylights out of me and my cat Silver bells was running like a bat out of hell towards me.

I told L to get dad because I think my father would know these things better but he came out with my mother. I so then it we looked at it,it was now hovering In one place. I told them about the thing I saw and the noise. My mom was extremely unconcerned about the lights somewhat concerned about the figure and noise thoroughly creeped her out. That is the end so Far I’ll keep you update anything else happens. Good bye folks
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